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Thread: Carrie & Luke 'I Told You So' 5-6-17

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    Carrie & Luke 'I Told You So' 5-6-17

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    Carrie is so great with Luke! love them! And what a great weekend for her with the Preds winning today and advancing to the Conference Chanpions! WOOHOO! Go Preds!
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    Quote Originally Posted by simonplay View Post
    I always loved Carrie's live vocals for ITYS. It just amazes me how pristine her vocals are. (I really loved LB reactions too. He is a very nice guy but he was no match for her.)

    I do want them to do a collab. I loved the Play It Again performance as well. Carrie really knows how to duet. The first chorus she leads and then the second one she does background and it was perfectly done.
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    did anyone notice in the I told you video Lukes background singer is singing and luke waves him off at 1:18..?

    Like telling him to stop singing you aren't part of this duet. Probably a good idea to because his voice was pretty bad and Carrie was much better at singing backgrounds for lukes parts. LoL.
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    Carrie & Luke 'I Told You So' 5-6-17

    different view

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    After watching this video, I don't believe there's one male country artist that can 'vocally' keep up with Carrie. I believe she tries to hold back but its so obvious that she's a much better vocalist.

    On a side note -- I accidentally listened to part of the iHeart festival on Saturday night. And I've come to the conclusion that many of the male country acts and the one female that I heard, can not sing LIVE. I was actually embarrassed for all of them. And the thing that was most disheartening, one of them was a current EOTY.

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    I cannot embed a video to save my life.

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    "Thank you for that ‘Captain Obvious’ sense of humor because you know what, we not only hit the high notes, you forgot to mention we generally hit the ‘right’ notes as well."
    -Kelly Clarkson to Scott Borchetta about American Idol artists
    Thanks so much Danielle!


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