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    Carrie Underwood Studio vs Live Vocals

    Found these videos on YouTube. I don't care who award shows declare as FVOTY (oh okay, I do still care lol like Russ said lol), with Carrie's vocals as good or better live compared to the studio versions, she will always be the ultimate female vocalist for me. So let us enjoy these videos as we await the next album by our FVOTY Carrie :

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    Thank you so much for posting this!!! i just finished watching all the videos. It's like God plucked this young, beautiful, shy woman out of little town Checotah, Oklahoma and put her for out here for EVERYONE to enjoy. I've been around for a few years and I must say no artist has EVER touched me the way Carrie does. Her voice is absolutely flawless. Her beauty is breathtaking. Carrie, the person, is so very humble. I believe God brought Carrie and Mike together and have given them some time to just be together, as it should be. I remember when Girl's Night Out was on TV...well, not for me...storms and the show wasn't on lucky we ALL are to have youtube...without it, I would NEVER had heard her sing How Great Thou Art that night. Everytime I watch that performance, Our Carrie had God with her because chills just go up and down your spine when you listen to that amazing performance. I will wait as patiently as I can for new Carrie music and just thank God each and every day for bringing her to all of US.

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    Carrie's LIVE is better than her studio recording because her LIVE performance has more emotion !

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    I think the live and studio are equally great. With a tendency to lean more towards studio, just because I love listening to her CDs! She does have do I say this....strength? Passion? Emotion and feeling? When performing live. This is just my opinion. Def FVOTY!!! For 100,000 years!!

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    Carrie's voice has always been the one thing that sets her apart from her peers. She has always had the technical ability, but the fact that she recognized that she needed to learn to insert her emotions and experiences in her music in order for her audience to get the full effect of her music is extremely impressive. Normally, I wouldn't say artists can learn to insert emotion/connection into the music, but with Carrie's it been a natural and joyful experience to watch her learn to become better and better.

    I think Carrie is an excellent live performer, but I love listening to her albums just as much, because she has learned to connect with her music, and it makes the listeners feel as if they're listening to music that has progressed to show you who Carrie is, as both an artist and a person. She's no longer the generic Idol winner, but the energetic performer with a great voice who now wants to show her audience who she is through listening to her music.

    Listening to an album should be an experience, in my opinion. It should give you a clear idea of who the artist is, and the overall message of what they're trying to convey to their audience. A live performance can be a snapshot of that, but I do think listening to an album is quite different than watching a live performance. Carrie has the ability to captivate her audience through her voice, emotion, and lyrics, and that is something that's a rare skill for any artist. Carrie's just not singing because she's promoting her singles, but because she actually cares about opening herself up and pouring her heart and soul into every performance. That ability is what makes her live performances special to me.

    Looking back, I feel like American Idol is probably one of the best things that could've happened to Carrie. She garnered so much criticism and skepticism so quickly, it forced her to become better in a very short amount of time. The criticism has caused her to realize people want to learn about Carrie Underwood the person through her music, not just Carrie Underwood the artist. I think she probably would've come to this progression eventually if not for Idol, but learning to use constructive criticism very early on has really helped Carrie become a much stronger artist, IMO. Plus, she learned to become a better performer, and once she realized the perception she was getting from millions, she used that to her advantage as well.

    I think Carrie has slowly learned how to marry emotion, performance, and lyrics in her music, and the combination makes her a great artist. She has always recorded music that is personal to her, but she has really worked hard to improve emotion in both her studio and live performances ("Just A Dream," "So Small," "Jesus, Take The Wheel," "Temporary Home"). I feel like that's what she has been criticized the most for over her career, and I'm so proud of her for being able to use criticism as something positive. I've always admired that Carrie uses criticism to motivate herself, instead of simply trying to coast along and ignore it. That takes a lot of guts, and it shows that Carrie truly cares about taking time to grow as an artist. Everything she has done to improve and become better show's she no product; she's a true artist, and that's why she's been able to become better as a performer and singer, either live or in studio.


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