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    Ultimate Song countdown--Need more submissions

    Hey Team, Marie2011 and Carriefan13 will be counting down ALL of Carrie's songs for us!! but....they need more rankings! less than 2 weeks to send in your lists. It is a little time consuming, but if you just do a little each day, it's not so bad :-) I just copied and pasted the master list and went through and color-coded it (i.e. blue font for my 10-ranked songs, red for 9, green for 8, and so on).

    So far, only about 4 submissions have been received. Let's try for at least 20! Marie2011 and Carriefan13 have already invested a lot of time in this.


    Here's the link to the original thread: (20 14 Ultimate Carrie Songs)

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    And if you decide to do it in a word document like Countymusicfan15 did please pm your list to Carriefan123 since I can't get word on mobile and my laptop isn't working


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