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    Grammys Awards : Country Solo Performance

    Who will win Best Country Solo Performance at the Grammys Awards?

    1 - Mean (Taylor Swift)
    2 - Dirt Road Anthem (Jason Aldean)
    3 - Honey Bee (Blake Shelton)
    4 - Mama's Song (Carrie Underwood)
    5 - I'm Gonna Love You Through It (Martina McBride)

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    I want Carrie to win for sure..but i think Blake will win this.

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    Carrie then Martina & Jason!

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    I don't want to see Mean or Dirt Road Anthem win because neither song is the best those artists have to offer at all, IMO.
    I would love to see Carrie take it home, but I've got nothing against Blake and Martina either .
    If most voters decide to vote based on the success of the song and artist over the course of the year, Jason, Taylor and Blake stand the best chance. However, if most voters vote based on the actual overall vocal performance of the song, Carrie and Martina should be the ones in the running, with Blake following.

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    If we're going by best quality song in terms of lyrics and voice totally subjectively, Martina should get it with Carrie being a close second. None of the other songs are that well written in my opinion and I feel that if they are nominating songs with less "success" they are doing it for a reason. The lyrics to Mama's Song while not the strongest, I never felt they were weak, just some spots were underdeveloped. Her voice sounds gorgeous in it though.

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    If it's for voal performance it should be Carrie. If it's for overall production it should be Jason.
    many may go for blake cause he is new to the grammy scene.
    I could see them going with Carrie again.
    But I think it will be Jason.


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