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    Talking Am I voting correctly?

    I've created 21 different user accounts so far on If they only count 1 vote per user, we need to create lots of different user accounts in order to get the most votes, right? I hope I'm right! I've been voting like crazy. Hope Carrie wins! Three Video of the Year awards would be amazing..especially two in a row! and the female buckle wouldnt be bad either. also hope chris hicky wins. undo it is an amazing video!

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    Yeah you are doing it right , Creat a new acct each time you vote no need to remember and the only thing that has to be real is zip codes you can even use 90012 LOL. the email is not verified jusr use the in private browsing mode. Some of use have over a thousand accts

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    Yeah, you're doing it right. I made a brief video of how you can vote, you can check it out in the main CMT voting thread (it's a sticky).

    BTW, blondemama, just wanted to point out, you don't need a valid Zip Code if you do what I do : change the country. I've voted about 700,000 times from accounts in East Timor, Papua New guinea, and Djibouti! If you do change the country, you have to enter a city name, not a Zip code, and that can be any gibberish :-)


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