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    Request Brad To Get Remind Me Quicker!

    Hey y'all!

    Do u think we should be requesting Brads Old Alabama to help it's progress!? Remember, the quicker it peaks the quicker we get Remind Me! The album release is still 5 weeks away. Let's help brad! He's been so good to our Carrie!

    I'm sure u Americans here have the requesting links. Just an idea though.


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    I will just let it ride, lol. Brad will make it to the top without us. No sooner than the radio industry wants it to happen.

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    If you look at mediabase Brad is moving up fast it wont take but another few weeks at the rete its going. TS is real close and is the biggest hinderance in my opinion which is probably wrong since there a ton of you that have been doing this longer. I added a link at the ebd of my mediabase voting thread to view daily mediabase updated for the top 40 so you can follow if you wish since we do not have current thread for Carrie.


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