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    FHM UK's 100 Sexiest

    Click here to vote for Carrie to win FHM UK's 100 sexiest poll! You must have a Twitter, Facebook or FHM account to vote, and voting closes on March 31st.

    Hopefully, if we can get Carrie inside the 100, it could give here some real recognition over here in the UK!

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    She's the new 'Jessica Simpson'. Are they kidding is it a dig or what??? You can tell they don't really know Carrie at all. Publicity is publicity but when the wrong image is created it's not necessarily good, and rather than attract potential fans it drives them away. Of course this is based on how I feel about Jessica Simpson and it's not flattering.

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    he reference to Jessica Simpson is ridiculous - but I don't think it's a dig. I'd guess it comes from the link between Country Music and "The Dukes of Hazzard" (which is probably all that came to the struggling copy writer's mind - remember, neither the music nor Carrie are likely to be well-known to this audience, largely thanks to the record label's virtual ignoring of this potential market)

    But it's good she's in the poll - I agree with CarrieUK : getting a sizable vote will make even people who don't recognize her by name sit up and notice her. (Who knows - some of them might even give Carrie's music a try!)

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    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The site is blocked here in Dubai....Too much nudity? This sucks, I really wish I could've voted for her!


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