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Thread: Carrie Underwood Explores How Her Creativity Has Evolved

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    Carrie Underwood Explores How Her Creativity Has Evolved

    Its been interesting to talk to my co-producer, Carrie Underwood says of the gap between how she creatively functions and what people think. And this might just be musically, but he would say, The No. 1 thing people ask me is, Can she really write? Does she do anything (to contribute)?
    She pauses for a moment, leans closer and locks eyes. Its not anger, but gratitude she exudes.

    Hes been very nice to share with me that he says, Yes, she does, and she can! Shes most definitely in there.

    Its weird to talk about somebody else complimenting me, but David (Garcia) has always been quick to let people know how involved I am, as a writer, and in what I bring to the team overall.

    I didnt realize people didnt think I was creative in that way, because Ive come from a singing show. People know I love to sing and they think Im alright at it but its interesting they didnt think I was creative in other ways as well.

    great article ,click on the link, share the link. Help people find and read this


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    ​Wow what a great article! Thanks for sharing, D!!!

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    Good article. "And the next wave begins" yass bring it on I'm so excited

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    A good read for sure, but I thought she wanted to be a journalist not a teacher.
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    Thanks, it is a very good write-up - and I'd just like to add, as a personal detail, that it does matter to some of us where this type of appreciation is coming from. Holly Gleason is a significant figure in the Country Music sector. She shares an academic background with Carrie (they both majored in mass communication at College). She's also a songwriter herself. This short page gives some idea of the type of work she's done -
    - and what particularly interests me is that she's worked with artists across the whole Country Music spectrum, including the contemporary chart scene, but also involving people likely to be seen as major artistic figures in the overall standing of the genre. It's support from people like her that makes Carrie stand out rather more from the general field, and hopefully will encourage others to see that her talents and dedication spread across the wider range of artistic activity. If someone who's worked with Guy Clark and John Prine can highlight Carrie's songwriting in an article, it's difficult to argue with that!
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