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Thread: Mix Online

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    Mix Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by davistrn View Post

    Good find. Great article -- thanks for posting. Here's a clickable link (I hope, lol).
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    Thanks for this - I love Carrie to get more serious write-ups from the musical side of the business - she deserves that side of her work to be highlighted, as well as the more entertainer focused side of publicity articles.
    It's good to read some of the production details - I was especially interested in what they said about "Cry Pretty". The references to the musicians underline how the recordings really are a collaborative process - they will defer to, and build around the singer, but she will also draw from their specializations, and if she's comfortable with the sound, especially if she's often worked with them before, the result may be close to the final sound

    Carrie's favourite studio microphone, the Telefunken - which she's modified herself (a sign of the care she takes over the perfection of her recordings) - has an interesting history. It began more than half a century ago, when German and Austrian broadcasting were recovering from wartime devastation. Some versions are still made, but originals can cost many thousands of dollars, and are much sought after in recording.
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    Really enjoyed reading the article!!
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    Wow really nice article! Thanks for finding/sharing

    Faraway I think what was meant was not that Carrie herself modified the mic but that she had it done
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    Fantastic article taking everything from the first word of a song all the way to the shelf! Loved this and have heard it many times before:
    “Carrie would go in the vocal booth and not just fool around. She would sing it for real,” Garcia adds. “You would literally watch everybody in the room go, ‘Holy cow! Something magical is going to take place.’ My job was to know that in that moment we captured something.”
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    Great article! I feel so many times these things behind the scenes are left out so it was great this article brought all that to light. Wish there were more articles published like this!


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