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Thread: Carrie In The Sunday Times Travel Magazine (October 2018)

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    Carrie In The Sunday Times Travel Magazine (October 2018)

    Carrie is featured in the latest issue (#177) of The Sunday Times Travel Magazine (UK). Carrie shares her top tips for visiting Nashville, TN. Enjoy the article. Please credit me if you use anywhere else. :-)

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    Nice!! Thank you!

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    Wow! Thank you - I really enjoyed reading her recommendations! It means a lot to me to hear her emphasizing the off-Broadway venues, which is where most of the more cutting edge Country Music & Roots Rock developments can be heard

    I don't know where the new album was made, but she definitely went over to East Nashville to work with Jay Joyce on "Storyteller". Tootsie's may be more like a traditional honky-tonk, but Exit/In and 3rd & Lindsley are associated more with off-Mainstream acts, newer and independent musicians, and acts with a more Alternative leaning. Miranda started her Platinum Tour at Exit/In, and held her songwriting round robin at 3rd & Lindsley - but I've not heard of Carrie going there. (She has, however, hinted before that you can hear a lot of kinds of music wandering off the main tourist beat). Maddie & Tae, who will be on her tour, are playing 3rd & Lindsley early next week. I think both of those venues would only hold a few hundred people at most - so Carrie's unlikely to play them herself - but it is closer to the feel of the music that I was getting from several parts of the album clips - and as I'd love to hear that appreciated more in the Mainstream, I'm especially pleased to hear her urging people to check out that side of the Nashville scene.
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    Haha, can you just imagine Carrie looking for a bar fight??????? N O T

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    Nice article, good info for future visits. Thanks for posting.


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