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Thread: A Life in the Day: country singer Carrie Underwood on gender inequality, Bible study

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    A Life in the Day: country singer Carrie Underwood on gender inequality, Bible study

    A Life in the Day: country singer Carrie Underwood on gender inequality, Bible study and being vegan

    September 2 2018, 12:01am

    Interview by Hannah Evans

    The seven-time Grammy award-winning country singer, 35, shot to fame after winning the fourth series of American Idol in 2005. She has since sold more than 65m records, including Jesus Take the Wheel and Before He Cheats, making her the showís most successful export. She now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Canadian former hockey player Mike Fisher, and their son, Isaiah, 3.

    I wake up when my son does, which is usually around 6.30. I get him from his room, set him up on the couch and then let out my dogs, Ace and Penny. Breakfast is either granola or a tofu scramble. My son and husband eat meat, but Iím vegan. Itís a personal choice ó I love animals. Theyíre all like dogs to me and I always rescue spiders and bugs. My husband joins us at the table and weíll do our Bible study. Iím reading it in chronological order at the moment. If weíre at home on a Sunday, weíll go to church.

    Our house is a mess. I would love to be a neat freak, but between my husband and my son, itís impossible.

    The whole American Idol thing was a fluke. As a kid, I always wanted to be a famous country singer, but Iím a practical person and didnít know if it was realistic so I went to college in Oklahoma to study mass communications. Then one day I saw on the news that people were sleeping outside waiting to audition for the show. I thought, ĎWhy not? Theyíll probably say no.í

    Thirteen years later Iíve had number ones and collaborated with Dolly Parton, Randy Travis and Ludacris. I still get starstruck around someone like Dolly, and Iím sure that I cried all over Randy when I met him for the first time.

    When Iím working, my husband looks after Isaiah or Iíll take him to daycare on my way to the studio. If Iím editing a song, Iíll go to my co-producer David Garciaís house. We bounce ideas off each other and go through guitar parts, or Iíll sing. I usually make a smoothie for lunch and I always have vegan protein bars in my bag to keep me going.

    I donít have rules around using social media, but I do think thereís something scary about it. I wish kids would realise that what you put on there doesnít go away. I think thatís something, as parents, we need to teach them. Saying that, it can be useful.

    Last year I was letting the dogs out when I tripped and fell. I had 40 stitches in my face and broke my wrist. I didnít want people who saw pictures of me to speculate [that Iíd had plastic surgery], so I wanted to get ahead of it [by announcing it online].

    Itís great that weíve had so many conversations in the entertainment industry about gender inequality, but I donít think we live in a post #MeToo world yet. Weíve got a long way to go. Look how many men there are in country music versus women. Have I had to work harder because Iím a woman? Maybe. But I like outworking people. Even if there wasnít a gender bias I would do it anyway.

    Dinner is at 7pm and Iíll roast veggies with rice, plus some meat for my husband and an alternative for me. I donít like eating out. Our schedules are so crazy that when weíre not busy we just want to be at home in our sweatpants on the couch. Mike and I were set up. He came to a show in Toronto and I didnít know if I wanted to see him one-on-one so I put him in the meet and greet. We ended up hanging out afterwards, and less than a year later we were engaged.

    After Iíve put the little man to bed, weíll watch something on Netflix. At the moment, itís The Killing. I like to be in bed between 9pm and 10pm ó not too late. My kidís going to get up at 3am and want me to go in and sleep with him and, of course, I will.

    Carrie Underwoodís new album, Cry Pretty, is out on September 14


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    Good article! Thanks!

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    Too cute! Adore the part where Isaiah comes and tells her to sleep with him at 3 in the morning! What a lovely mommy!


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