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Thread: Carrie Underwood In Star Magazine (6 November 2017)

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    Carrie Underwood In Star Magazine (6 November 2017)

    Carrie is featured in the November 6 issue of Star Magazine. Scans below.

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    That's my favorite hair length for her! Love that picture
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    I loved the article - mainly it seemed believable and true. What is hard on us fans is letting her have her home time, family time, time to recharge. She is still working, its just not in our face like we would like. Everything she is doing I want for her but it sure is hard not getting new music but can't be upset as I know how important family life is for her happiness and I don't want her to quit.
    Very excited about the CMA's as we get to see her so much through the show - not just one performance!
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    That article is harmless but itís 99.9% guessing. Quoting Ďan insiderí is a dead give away that they just pieced together public information and threw in some speculation.
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