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Thread: 51st Annual Country Music Awards: A chat with host Carrie Underwood

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    51st Annual Country Music Awards: A chat with host Carrie Underwood

    As she and pal Brad Paisley return to host the CMA Awards for their milestone 10th year, the country music star and mum to Isaiah, two, opens up about how she unwinds after a long day.

    My current TV obsession is…
    I feel like all I watch is Disney Channel! But I’m very excited about The Walking Dead. I’ve been rewatching episodes lately. If I can catch an episode of Nashville I will.

    When I watch TV I must have…
    If I’m ever watching a show that I’m super interested in, I like to have some red wine at night – it’s my relax time after the little man goes to sleep.

    My dream TV-watching companion is…
    My husband [Mike Fisher]. It’s always nice when we can sit down in bed together.

    If I could be in any TV show it would be…
    The Walking Dead! I’d love to have some background part as a zombie or something.

    My first TV crush was…
    I had pictures of Jonathan Taylor Thomas all over my wall!

    The last time I cried watching television was…
    I can’t remember the last time I cried watching TV – there’s not a lot of crying in The Walking Dead – but I know it’s happened.

    If I had to choose between live TV or catching up On Demand, I prefer…
    I think catching up, because then I get to call the shots. It’s a little harder for me a lot of times to catch things live, so it’s really nice to be able to watch in my own time.
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