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Thread: Carrie Underwood HelloGiggles Interview

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    Carrie Underwood HelloGiggles Interview

    We spoke with Carrie Underwood about her athleisure brand, favorite workout song, and the comfort food she can't resist

    We know you love her music, but did you know that Carrie Underwood is also a workout goddess with her own activewear line? It’s true! The country music superstar launched her athleisure brand, CALIA by Carrie Underwood, about two years ago, and just released her spring/summer 2017 collection this month. Inspired by travel and the Caribbean, the “Bahia” collection is packed with strappy details, breathable mesh panels, bright colors, and built-in pockets for your phone (thanks, Carrie!).

    To celebrate her latest launch, Underwood — who describes herself as “just a regular person with a cool job” — invited a few women to spend the day wearing CALIA clothes and working out with her and her personal trainer, Eve Overland, in Malibu, California last week. HelloGiggles was able to stop by, and we chatted with Underwood about her workout routine (and her exercise habits before Idol), her healthy diet, and the comfort foods she craves most.

    HelloGiggles: Tell me about the name of the brand. Did you choose it?

    Carrie Underwood: It was kind of a group effort. We were trying to figure out something that was unique and conveyed strength and beauty…the calla lily was something that came up because it’s a beautiful flower, and all of our clothes have this floral theme — even if it’s a loose floral theme — running throughout.

    HG: Why did you decide to get into the activewear game?

    CU: I’ve always been into health and fitness, and it’s a part of my lifestyle. I’d noticed for a long time that it was hard to find [activewear that worked for me]. Either [the clothes] were too gym-specific, or too cute to actually do anything. So there needed to be some sort of middle ground. Dick’s Sporting Goods felt the same and came to us asked, “Have you ever considered doing anything like this?” and I was like, “Oh my gosh, yes. I have so many ideas.” So immediately [the whole team] hit it off, and we were talking about how we could make life better for people like me, who are just running around trying to balance it all.

    HG: What was your exercise routine like before you were in the public eye?

    CU: Honestly, not a whole lot. I mean, I was on Idol at age 21, 22, so it’s kind of like, I don’t know. I don’t want to say I didn’t need to work out yet, but when you’re young you can eat whatever you want and it’s fine, right? So I hadn’t really made [exercise] an active priority in my life. But once you hit your 20s, you notice your metabolism starts to slow down and it’s like, wait, I can’t have an entire pizza in one night? I noticed that I didn’t feel as good as I should feel, so I made myself a little bit more of a priority. I just got into working out more, being more active, and trying to make better choices in the kitchen — and I started feeling better.

    HG: What are your go-to workouts — are you a hiker, a gym person, a class person?

    CU: I’ll try anything, but I think my favorite thing is whenever I can put my headphones in my ears and just go. I love running; I love running outside, especially if it’s warm out and I feel like I can sweat. I just feel so good afterwards. I love weights, I love tabata and HIIT training, I love a good class occasionally. It just depends on where I am and what I’m doing.

    HG: What are your top three workout songs?

    CU: “Kickstart My Heart” [by Mötley Crüe], it’s a good one to run to; it’s a good pace. I don’t know! Just anything — anything hard and loud. I think a lot of the time I just [open up] Apple Music and pick “Rock Workout” and just let it go.

    HG: What about your diet — you’re vegan, right?

    CU: I’ve always been vegetarian, and I strive to be vegan. If there are ever vegan options, I’m all about it. But sometimes if I’m traveling I’m like, oh, I guess I’m going to have ravioli or something, because that’s all they have on the menu for me. But I feel like vegan food is getting better in Nashville, so hopefully I can be [vegan] — because I really want to be.

    HG: What inspired you to give up animal products?

    CU: [I became vegetarian because] I felt like it was a little more kind to the world, and I just love animals so much. And I feel better. As soon as I made the switch and stopped eating meat I immediately lost weight, felt lighter, and felt like I had more energy. I feel like my body wouldn’t process [meat] that well anyway, and didn’t process it well, and I had no idea. So it was a change that just felt good.

    HG: How long ago did you become vegetarian?

    CU: About 14 years ago, but I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 13 years old.

    HG: My final question: Do you have a go-to comfort food?

    CU: Carbs — whatever carbs I can get. Pasta, or bready kinds of things. Also, [one thing that] hurts my veganism is that I love cheese. That’s my downfall. Everything else, I can give up. And I do go through spells of saying no more dairy, no more dairy. But yeah, savory, carb-y, heavy things. Naughty things.


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