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Thread: What Carrie Underwood Wishes She Told Herself About the "Post-Baby Body"

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    What Carrie Underwood Wishes She Told Herself About the "Post-Baby Body"

    Carrie Underwood's Fitness Tips - Carrie Underwood On Her Post-Baby Body

    Country music queen slash new mother Carrie Underwood can now add athleisure designer to her growing resume with the release of Calia by Carrie. We sat down with Underwood to learn more about her new clothing line, the unlikely places she works out, and "post-baby body"pressure. Here, six lessons we learned in living the Underwood life.

    1. Even if you don't feel like working out, just do something.

    "There are some days where I just don't want to [work out]. And when I do I'm like, just go do something. I love being in the gym so it's kinda rare when I do have a day that I'm just like, ugh! Not today. But afterwards, I just feel so much better. It might not be the greatest work out ever, but if I can just get 30 minutes on elliptical it's like, okay, I did something. Good job! High-five yourself, Carrie."

    2. New music can motivate your workout.

    "I generally just pick Apple Music channels or something like 'Rock Workout'. I don't really have a specific playlist. I just kind of see what comes up because I like finding new music. And sometimes an artist will come up and I'm like, oh! I don't know this. I don't know this person."

    3. Stretching and rolling are a must.

    "I always try to make sure after [working out] to have a good stretch. When I don't, I can feel it. The next day, I just feel tight and sore. Rolling is a good thing that I feel like I need to do more of. Getting one of those foam rollers and working that—I feel like it helps with muscle soreness and helps work it out. I'd like to get a [post-workout] massage all the time! But there's no way that's gonna happen. So rolling helps."

    4. You can workout anywhere.

    "I feel like with all the hats that I do wear—that's just a woman thing. That's a mom [thing], a wife [thing]. We're all just trying to be everything to everybody and keep it all going. And I feel like Calia has helped me with that. I know that's another element [in my life], like designing things and stuff like that. But I feel like having cute clothes that I'm in and ready for anything with—I feel like that's made my life better and easier. You fit workouts in whenever you can. Sometimes I take my son to the park and I'm like, you need to play [and] I need to work out. Hey, there's some monkey bars—I can do some pull-ups. There's some steps—I can do some step-ups. There's a bench—I can do some dips. [Isaiah] doesn't care what I'm doing. He's going down the slide and having a grand time. So sometimes, your life and the things that you wanna do all collides and you're just trying to make it all happen at the same time."

    5. Don't let the "post-baby body" pressure get to you.

    "I do wish that I had taken it a little easier on myself. After I had my son, it was almost exactly three months until it was the CMA Music Fest, CMT Awards, and all this stuff. And I felt like there was a lot of pressure for me to just be back to where I was before. So put a lot of pressure on myself. I feel like it was a little unnecessary, but I was really proud of how I kicked myself back into gear and everything and was finding my way through it. But I would have liked to have gone back and been like, don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing good. Breathe."

    6. Healthy and easy recipes are the way to go.

    "I try to keep [my vegan cooking] pretty simple. I'm not a great casserole type maker or anything like that. I'll do stir-frys with some tofu and vegetables and some rice. Everything has to be quick and easy in my world. I roast a lot of veggies. Put some olive oil on it and some different seasonings like garlic and stuff. I love garlic. Just pop it in the oven and my husband's happy and I'm happy."

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    Good article! Thanks for posting!

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    Very good tips. I feel it was not too hard for her to get back into shape, since she was already fit before Isaiah. I'm not surprised she still felt a little bit of pressure though. Most women would love to snap back like she did after pregnancy.


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