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Thread: Carrie Underwood Shares Her Keys to a Successful Marriage

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    Carrie Underwood Shares Her Keys to a Successful Marriage

    Carrie Underwood Shares Her Keys to a Successful Marriage: Sacrifice, Compromise, and FaceTime!

    Like her hit song, Carrie Underwood is an “All-American Girl,” so her new partnership with Carnival Cruise Line is a no-brainer. The country star has teamed up with Carnival to celebrate our servicemen and women, while also raising funds for Operation Homefront.

    “They basically came to me and [asked] if I’d help treat some amazing military families, and how could I say no to that?” she told Yahoo Celebrity of the partnership. Next month, the Grammy winner will host a special concert to honor them onboard the Carnival Vista. “It’s all about giving back and being able to say thank you to the men and women of our military who do so much for our country, and to their families who are their support system back home.”

    Underwood, 33, is also busy on the road with “The Storyteller Tour,” and it’s her own support system at home that she says keeps her grounded. Carrie and her NHL player husband, Mike Fisher, 36, recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in July, and they are proud parents to 19-month-old Isaiah. So what’s the key to having a successful marriage with their crazy schedules?

    “It’s all about being supportive of one another,” she said. “He’s my best friend and we love our family, that’s what it’s all about. We sacrifice for each other and compromise for each other and do our best to spend as much time as we possibly have with each other. It’s about putting your family and relationship first.”

    Obviously, Isaiah is also a priority. Underwood brings her son with her when she’s on the road and marvels at how he is “getting big so fast.”

    “Every day is something new,” she said of his latest milestones. “He says more and more words, recognizes new things. He loves to sing, he loves to climb. He’s everywhere, and it’s wonderful!”

    So will Isaiah get a little brother or sister someday?

    “I definitely hope so!” she exclaimed. “You never know what the good Lord has in store, but right now I’m on the road and Mike’s on the road. We FaceTime each other every day! But we’ll see what happens.”

    Clearly all is well on the home front, so don’t try to read too much into the lyrics of her new single “Dirty Laundry.”

    “He knows I sing country music, and cheating songs are a part of the territory,” she said when asked what Fisher thinks of some of her material. “He’s all right with it!”

    Next, the Grammy-winning singer will reunite with her work husband, Brad Paisley, to host the Country Music Awards.

    “It’s the 50th anniversary of the CMAs, so I think there will be artists from the past 50 years in the audience and up onstage. It’s all about honoring 50 incredible years in country music,” she said. “I think it’s going to be very beautiful and classy.”

    Classy certainly isn’t a word that can be used to describe the 2016 presidential race. So can we expect any Donald Trump or political jokes during her and Paisley’s opening monologue on Nov. 2?

    “I always prefer to stay away from politics if at all possible,” Underwood laughed. “There are some things you can’t get away from, or people wonder why you didn’t say something. I think there will be a lot of opportunities for political fodder. Hopefully there will be so many artists and incredible performances that maybe we won’t have too much time to go there. I’m hoping!”

    Underwood isn’t very political anyway. “Honestly, right now, if it’s not on the Disney Channel I don’t know that much about it, so I would hesitate to comment on anything too detailed politically because my world is nutty on the road,” she said. “It’s all about my little man! Sometimes I want to get out of my Disneyland! I’m like, can I watch 10 minutes of something not animated?”

    Two days after hosting the CMAs, the singer will jet to New York where, on Nov. 4, she will perform for over 700 military families aboard the Carnival Vista for the private concert.

    “There’s a lot going on, but it’s all extremely wonderful what’s happening,” she smiled. “It will be busy, but great!”

    Find out more about Underwood’s involvement with Operation Homefront and how you can donate to the cause.


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