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Thread: Americana's Growing Influence

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    Americana's Growing Influence

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    Hi and thanks. Always good to see a person from the old CMT site on here.

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    I think when it comes down to it, people are just tired of listening to the same music over and over. To me it seems like 75% of the music sounds the same, and I think people want to hear something different, something with a little more substance in it
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    This is more my musical scene - it is probably best described as "Progressive Roots Music", and should be seen as distinct from both "Country Pop" and "Nashville Neo-traditional". Among the fields and influences it embraces are Bluegrass, Country Blues, Folk Rock, Red Dirt, Outlaw and Alt Country, the Singer-Songwriter tradition. Many video examples have been posted - e.g by myself, lizcarlo and others.

    I think its influence can enrich the Mainstream, without the Mainstream losing its commercial relevance (Chris Stapleton is an obvious recent breakthrough example of an artist who can appeal to many on both wings).

    I would go further and say that leading Mainstream artists with a more adventurous leaning would be well advised to keep in touch with this development - radio is gradually losing its virtual monopoly of Country market penetration, and the growth of streaming services and social media have increased the spread of consumer awareness and choice.

    Carrie and Miranda are both market leaders on the female side, who are not hide-bound in the type of song they select, and not governed by particular musical styles - hence they're well placed to experiment in this broader area. I don't think it would be widely disputed that Miranda has always been stylistically closer to the Outlaw wing, and is likely to produce work with a more explicitly Americana feel (as I'm expecting from at least substantial parts of her upcoming album). Carrie, I would expect to continue her commercial dominance of the Mainstream as a very major part of her work - but that would not preclude more Americana influence.

    The "twang rock" that Carrie emphasized in her pre-album discussion is certainly compatible, in principle, with Americana. There are signs of a more experimental feel to several of the songs - but it's most evident in "Choctaw County Affair", which involved collaborations with two Americana acts (Travis Meadows and the McCrary Sisters), and which spans its homage to earlier Blues-influenced and Southern Gothic Country Roots, right up to a newly crafted Progressive feel. Some of Carrie's interest in aspects of this trend were also foreshadowed in her previous album.
    There are also some other signs of Carrie contacts with Americana leaning artists. For example, she has recently described Emmylou (the genre's virtual "Queen") as both her inspiration and now her friend. Note also this picture of her with Bon Iver.

    Carrie Underwood And Bon Iver |

    Although I don't see the trend as likely to permeate the majority of her work, or to radically change her image or emphasis - I do expect it to continue, and enrich the range of her work.


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