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Thread: Carrie Underwood Attacked By Online Bullies, Admits She Has To ‘Have A Barrier Up’

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    Carrie Underwood Attacked By Online Bullies, Admits She Has To ‘Have A Barrier Up’

    Carrie Underwood is opening up about suffering at the hands of online bullies and revealing how trolls forced her to “change the way she reacts to the world.”

    Carrie spoke out about online bullying the hate she gets on social media from online trolls in a new interview with Redbook magazine, where Underwood confessed that she now has to “have a barrier up” to protect herself from the mean comments she often reads about herself online.

    "I feel like bullies have changed the way I react to the world,” Carrie confessed inside the pages of the magazine, before admitting that bullies and online trolls have actually stopped her from being able to interact with her millions of fans across social media.

    “You want to be connected to your fans, and I used to feel like I could go through social media and talk to people, really have that communication,” said Underwood of the hate and negativity she often receives online. “But you get to a point where there are too many mean people saying mean things — probably just to get a reaction from you.”

    “Eventually I was like, ‘I don't know if I can do this,’” Carrie continued to Redbook about bullying. “You have to have a barrier up, which is sad."

    Carrie’s bullying confession comes just months after Underwood notably removed a selfie from Instagram after online trolls blasted her as “fake” and a “drag queen” after posting a snap of herself to the social media site.

    Back in March, Carrie took to Instagram to give her more than 4 million followers a look inside her trip to Oslo, Norway, only to delete the photo minutes later after receiving some scathing comments from bullies about her appearance.

    Underwood fan @Fisherwood_1212 shared a screenshot of the comments section attached to Carrie’s upload, which saw a number of social media users slam Underwood as “fake” while accusing her of having plastic surgery.

    "This doesn't even look like [Carrie Underwood]," Instagram user @ktayzb wrote in the now deleted photo’s caption, while @annette_hardman accused Underwood of having "nose job" and a "chin job."

    While Underwood never publicly commented on the bullies who commented on the post, Carrie did reply to a fan who noted that it was "such a shame that as women we can't empower one another” by writing "Right? Thank you," just minutes before deleting the post entirely.

    There's also a little more here: Carrie Underwood Speaks Out About Being Bullied By Online Trolls

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    Whatttt, a drag queen or fake...... Please, sad world we live in...... Thank the good lord Carrie has a higher being that she truly believes in and lives her life by...... I'm sure it is not fun being a high profile celebrity at times....

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    Some people are disgusting, thank God Carrie doesn't need them.

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    It hurts me when people write disparaging remarks about her or to her. I see it sometimes on facebook or comments on posts. I have learned that it's best to ignore them or the tirade will widen.

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    They hate because she's so darn popular, talented, beautiful, they just can't stand it.


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