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Thread: Carrie Underwood Admits......

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    Carrie Underwood Admits......

    Carrie Underwood, the most radiant country singer out there (according to my boyfriend), shared details of her beauty regime with ELLE. Incidentally Carrie, 33, brought her adorable son Isaiah to help his Dad, currently playing for the Nashville Predators, celebrate his 1,000th NHL game on Monday. Carrie herself just reached an anniversary of her own, as 11 years ago yesterday, she won American Idol and was catapulted to stardom. Not to make you feel old or anything. Her latest song, “Heartbeat,” is her 23rd number one single. Not too shabby.
    Carrie told ELLE that as far as fitness, she’s “up for anything” (and able to be cute doing it thanks to her line of workout clothes, Calia by Carrie Underwood) and enjoys running, weight training and kickboxing. She also talked about moving away from the old “the higher the hair, the closer to God” look rocked by many a country singer and revealed that she’s not adverse to buying her cosmetics at the drug store. Some highlights:
    On what to wear to the gym: If you go to the gym in super baggy, super old sweatpants versus something that you actually feel good in, it just motivates your time there.
    On her hair “donts”: There were some [looks] that I don’t think I would do now – I had big hair. I had a lot of big hair. And I like big hair, but I wouldn’t go back there again.
    On chopping off her locks: Now that my hair is shorter, it’s easier to fix, which was the whole point. Cutting my hair was a “mom” move. I wash my hair every day and I know that’s not great for it, but I work out and I sweat a lot so I need to, and I’m on stage and I sweat even more. I could spend half an hour to blow it dry and have it be super long, or I could spend that time playing with my son, and I’d much rather do the latter.
    On beauty on the cheap: Oh lordy, being a mom, half the time I’m like, ‘Did I put moisturizer on? Did I do that today?’ To be honest, whatever I can grab at a Walgreens is enough for me. I love drugstore makeup. I honestly don’t think there’s anything in my bag that’s expensive.
    [From ELLE]
    Even before this interview, I liked Carrie. I am taking baby steps into the world of country music, and she’s one of the few artists who has made it to my iPod. I love “Smoke Break” and “Heartbeat”. After this, I like her even more – especially after she recently posted a picture that perfectly sums up the motherhood experience. Too cute. It is also nice to know that someone else fell prey to the old shamrock tattoo. Ah, misguided youth.

    Carrie in October with longer hair:



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