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    Carrie Underwood Turns Down 
the Volume On 'Heartbeat'

    She has one of the most powerful voices in the business, so Carrie Underwood has a unique challenge with ballads: She admits that dialing back and capturing intimacy is difficult. That’s true not only in performances, but even when she’s creating new music.

    “I do it to myself,” she confesses. “Even in writing I’m like, ‘Where’s the money note? Where’s the money note? We need something in there.’ But I started realizing I need songs to give myself a break. I have some really difficult songs, and I have way too much pride to drop the key. So if I want to stop killing myself, in the beginning of the tour at least, I need to stop trying to do [so much].”

    Carrie Underwood Turns Down ?the Volume On 'Heartbeat' | Billboard

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    Singing is part of her art. Carrie needs to expose that beautiful part of her singing anyway.


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