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Thread: Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists: Carrie Underwood (Country Universe)

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    the library. lol

    Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists: Carrie Underwood (Country Universe)

    Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists: Carrie Underwood

    Posted on October 25, 2015 by Kevin John Coyne

    Since Country Universe launched eleven years ago, there have only been a handful of new country artists that Iíve truly enjoyed. Out of all of them, there hasnít been another artist Iíve consistently enjoyed as much as Carrie Underwood.
    Full disclosure: my fandom reaches all the way back to the American Idol auditions. Itís a show I havenít watched in years, but out of all of the seasons I did watch, Underwood was the only contender I actively rooted for from the beginning, and has been the only one who has put out music that I actually buy.
    Iíve written about why I enjoy Underwood many times before, but a quick summary for those who may have missed it: sheís sincere, sheís got great pipes, and her worldview and empathy resonate deeply with me. She can do traditional country as well as anybody, but refuses to adhere to genre limitations, which is a combination present in most of my favorite country artists. I just think that sheís awesome.
    So with Storyteller now in stores, it seemed like a great time to look back on my favorite moments of hers so far. There isnít another artist who hit the scene in the past decade that I could do one of these for, and with her new album too fresh in my mind to fully assess, Iím limiting my selections to her pre-Storyteller work. (Sorry, ďSmoke Break.Ē You wouldíve made the cut if not for that limitation.)

    ***For the complete list, go to this link: Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists: Carrie Underwood | Country Universe

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    See you again is one of my favorites for this reason too. Love it.
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    see you again..good choice!

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    I missed this post earlier....guess I was busy stressing out about "Storyteller!!" Anyway......I absolutely LOVE this guy!!! He is a true Carrie supporter
    when so many other writers can only hate on her. We can always count on Kevin to be in Carrie's corner.


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