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Thread: Carrie Underwood: I Think Itís Really Important To Live By My Morals

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    Carrie Underwood: I Think Itís Really Important To Live By My Morals

    It seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity when you are able to talk to one of your idols. Being from the south and a diehard country music fan, I grew up admiring the women of country music. Not only did the powerhouse voices of Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire, and Faith Hill inspire me, but I was always amazed at how they handled themselves within the spotlight to live a seemingly normal lifestyle. So when the opportunity came to interview one of my favorite singers ever, Carrie Underwood, I jumped at the chance.

    I can remember countless times being one of the thousands of screaming fans during Underwoodís concerts and even signing to be a part of her fan club (yes that actually happened, but I was 17). I watched Carrieís evolving career, from being discovered on American Idol to becoming an award winning country singer, wife, entrepreneur, health enthusiast, beauty lover, spokeswoman, and most recently a mother. With her album Storyteller releasing today, I spoke to Carrie about her recent achievements, life as a mom, and her (possible) beauty look for the CMAs.

    Yahoo Beauty: How do you handle being a role model to your fans? Does the pressure get to you sometimes? How do you handle those moments?

    Carrie Underwood: Throughout the ten years that Iíve been lucky enough to do this, I really, I try not to think about it too much. If you think about it, itís ďOh my gosh, if I do this, if I sing this, if I wear this, if I say this, people might not like it.Ē But I realized, probably later than I should, that somebodyís not going to like everything you do. I think itís really important to live by my standards, and live by my morals and just want to do a good job. And thereís really only one person in my life that I feel like can tell me if I am doing well in that, and thatís my mom. Sheís my barometer for everything. If sheís proud of me and she thinks Iím doing a good job, then I feel good.

    Whatís one of the most meaningful interactions that youíve ever had with one of your fans?

    I hear stories about a specific song or album that just really meant a lot to them in a time that they needed it. Iíve heard everything from, ďI lost a loved one and these songs made me feel better,Ē or, ďI was going through a tough time in college and this album just helped me get through.Ē Thatís what itís all about, helping people when they need it, uplifting people, and playing the soundtrack to different peopleís lives.

    Switching it up to beauty. If you could teach someone one of your beauty tricks what would you teach them?

    Iím all about keeping things simple. You really donít have to try too hard to have a great, all-American beauty look. That is something that I do love about Almay. They keep it easy. Thereís not a thousand different colors to choose from as far as foundation. They make it so easy, and thatís really nice because you donít have to worry about it so much. You can just spend all that time that you would have spent trying to figure it all out, with people that you love or doing things that you love. Thatís what itís all about, feeling good about yourself and not having to try that hard to do it.

    Congratulations, by the way. How has motherhood changed you?

    Motherhood changes aspects of every single part of your life. He is the number one right now and everything in my life had to become less complicated ó from my workout routine, to the clothes that I pick, to my beauty routine, to the food that I make. Because some mornings he may be an easy, breezy baby and I get to take as much time as I want to with getting myself ready, but some mornings, not so much. I learned Mike and myself are a little more easygoing than I thought weíd be as parents and heís just the best baby, he really is.

    You recently launched a fitness line, how has it inspired you to keep motivated and fit?

    I love our motto. Itís ďstay the path.Ē You figure out what path youíre on in your fitness and your health journey, and if you veer off the path one day itís like, alright, stay the path.[We] have cute things, so when Iím ready for a workout or a walk Iím comfortable and I feel good about myself. Itís about being uncomplicated and having those things in your life that just make it easier.

    You have the CMAís coming up. Do you know what your beauty look is going to be?

    I have no idea. Iím trying to figure out what Iím going to be wearing. I just had a fitting recently and thereís a lot of really great things, thereís a lot of bright colors right now, which Iím really excited about. Designers were having a little more fun this year, so I got a lot of really great, bright looks. But we always try to kind of build throughout the night and if I am wearing something thatís a little brighter on the red carpet, itíll probably be nicer to fit to a makeup look and hair thatís just a little simpler, and get a little bit more dramatic as we go. Thatís another thing thatís great about having Almay, you can build. You start out with eye shadow thatís a little simpler then you just kind of keep adding then kind of get that smoky eye and by the end of the night Iíll be in full glam mode.

    Your album comes out this month, when can we expect a tour?

    Weíre getting together all the details, the details will come soon. A lot of touring next year!
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    really great interview. Thanks for posting it!


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