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Thread: The Year of Carrie Underwood

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    The Year of Carrie Underwood

    One of the top Country blogs originating in the UK, For The Country Record, have a detailed assessment of Carrie, written by Liz Austin - it gives reasons why this should be considered the year of Carrie Underwood, and follows it up with retrospective picks of her top singles, album tracks and performances.

    Well worth a read

    The Year of Carrie Underwood | For The Country Record
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    Thanks! I love that her favorite live performance was HGTA. It's also great to see someone "get" Carrie.

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    Faraway, in my opinion, that is the most thoughtful, thorough, accurate, and interesting article ever written about Carrie. Her accomplishments are amazing -- lol, makes me tired just reading about all she has done. Thanks so much for this.

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    Wow! This was an incredible write up...kind of makes me tear up reading all these awesome accomplishments Carrie has achieved. I love the videos she posted,
    they are definitely some of my favorites! Thanks for finding and posting here!
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    Wonderful article!!! Thanks so much, Faraway. All my favorite vids.....all in a row to see and hear!! She just boggles my mind!!

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    Thanks so much for posting. It was great read. This is my favorite part

    Carrie has proven time and again that she is an extremely versatile artist/entertainer. She is one of those artists that just keeps getting better with time and with every album. She can sing anything in any genre with absolute ease. Her vocal ability has been praised by legends/veteran and fellow artists that include Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Stevie Nicks, and Steven Tyler. Personally, I think that Blown Away is Carrie’s best album yet. Carrie has absolute control over her vocals. She can sing in a soft, beautiful, sweet vocal range, she can belt out the powerhouse songs with stunning ease, she can sing with some twang in her voice, and she can belt out classic rocks songs like she was born into the genre.

    There are some naysayers who say that Carrie’s live performances lack energy or that she lacks stage presence. My answer to those naysayers: Only a deaf person would say that Carrie doesn’t have a stage presence. She may not run around and dance on stage, but she doesn’t need to. Her stage presence lies within her vocal ability. Carrie can hold an audience captive using only her voice, no need for dancing or other such tricks. Carrie has always been more of a classical performer anyway, preferring to use hand gestures and some choreographed moves that add to the performance, rather than distract. If you’re still not sold on her stage presence or her ability to infuse energy into her live performances, just watch the video (posted below) of her 2013 CMA Fest performance of the Guns N’ Roses classic “Paradise City”. It is yet another excellent live performance, and one that shows off her versatility.
    As I said earlier, 2015 is indeed the Year of Carrie, and I have a feeling next year will be even bigger for the songstress. Carrie is really just getting started, there’s so much more she has yet to do, music she has yet to record. I believe that this next album, Storyteller, will be even better and bigger than the last, as she continues to awe us vocally. Carrie continues to hone her songwriting skills, co-writing a great deal of the songs on Storyteller.
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    HGTA to me is Carrie's single best performance!


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