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Thread: Carrie Underwood writing songs for baby Isaiah on new album

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    Carrie Underwood writing songs for baby Isaiah on new album

    Carrie Underwood has revealed that she wants to write music for her new-born son on her upcoming fifth studio album.

    The country superstar, who’s celebrating ten years since she was crowned the fourth winner of ‘American Idol’ this year, recently opened-up about heading back into the studio for her fifth studio album to record tracks for her month old baby boy, Isaiah.

    Admitting that ‘Mama’s Song,’ a track she co-wrote for her mum before she wed Hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010, has “a whole new meaning” now that she’s a mum herself, Carrie joked that she’s going to have to head back into the writing room for her son, because she’s always seems to be singing about baby girls.

    “I just kind of feel a little sad ’cause all my songs are about having girls,” she joked, noting that the singles ‘Mama’s Song’ and the platinum hit ‘All-American Girl,’ as well as the ‘Blown Away’ album track ‘Forever Changed,’ are all about mummy’s to little girls.

    “Like, little boy baby Fisher’s got nothin’!,” she joked, “even ‘Forever Changed,’ which is one of my favorite songs, is definitely like a mother/daughter kind of a song, so… I’m gonna have to get on that.”

    Though Carrie, who became a first time mum on February 27th, didn’t reveal exactly when we can expect to hear her new tracks, she did tell BBC Radio 2 backstage at the CMA Awards last November that she’s “definitely” hoping to release new music later this year.

    But one thing the ‘Little Toy Guns’ singer isn’t keeping quite so close to her chest? Baby Isaiah. The seven time Grammy winner showed off her son for the first time on March 29th to celebrate Daddy Mike’s NHL team, the Nashville Predators, making it into the playoffs.

    There's also a little bit more here; Carrie Underwood writing songs for baby Isaiah on new album | Unreality TV

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    where did this interview come from? what's the source of the quotes in it?
    Was Carrie interviewed?

    or is just from the old BB2 interview?
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    The new music part looks like it's from BBC Radio 2, but the majority of the quotes look like they're from the Sony Press site;
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    She could write awsome song about her baby boy. I know she can do it.

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    Not surprised at all!! She seems to be head over heels in love with this new little guy and with her loving to write, how could she keep from it. So anxious to get this new cd - some written before Isaiah and some after!! Will love whatever she gives us - just want it soon (my soon)haha!!

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    She needs a new song called "Half American boy" haha
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    The impression I got was that this was one of those light hearted "holding" interviews, designed to say something pleasant without giving away much in terms of hard news.
    When referring to the songs, it says "she joked" a couple of times - I don't think it's likely to mean a flood of baby-themed songs.

    If she did one, though - and made it both musically strong, and thematically unusual (which she is capable of doing, but is considerably harder than it might appear), it could certainly strengthen the album. "Mama's Song", though was borderline in that respect. I rather like it (especially in live performances), and I think it was more charming than it's sometimes given credit for, and fitted the time and the mood - but it seems to have been more than usually divisive in fan estimation, and it's hard to say it did much to strengthen the album.
    The danger of a baby theme is that the song could appear overly sentimental - and the temptation, I think, might be to rather neglect variety in the music. As I say, she's capable of doing it - one suggestion that occurs to me (after the artistic success of SITW) is that she might combine her joy and thanks for her baby with her spiritual feelings, and give Little Mike a song with a timeless theme of his place in the ongoing order of life.

    (On a different note - one thing I liked about this interview was that she called "Forever Changed" 'one of my favourite songs'. As I think Carrie would benefit considerably from having some more vocals of that type (a very sensitive mood vocal, not relying heavily on "power note" choruses), I think it's encouraging to hear her speak highly of it. In the BA era, she ruled it out as a single, saying it would be too emotional to sing live - but that may also have been in part because she knew Arista were not going to release it, and wanted to end speculation.
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    aww love it!
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