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Thread: Booting Ass and Taking Names: Country's 20 Best Revenge Songs Read more: http://www.

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    Booting Ass and Taking Names: Country's 20 Best Revenge Songs Read more: http://www.

    (Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic)
    Country music may be the genre of the Bible Belt, but when it comes to avenging sins, its lyrical weapons are plenty and potent. Carrie Underwood swings a baseball bat, Johnny Cash uses fists, Miranda Lambert loads a gun and Toby Keith fires up footwear. Forget looking good as the best revenge; it's all about a good aim. Here are the 20 country songs that prove best that what comes around goes around.

    Read more: Booting Ass and Taking Names: Country's 20 Best Revenge Songs | Rolling Stone
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    Cool!! No. 1
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    ooh nice - Carrie gets two songs! and one is #1 at that- thought it would be BHC but they are right TBC is more revengeful - the ultimate revenge I guess.
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    Yup that is really cool

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    TBC number one badass song deserves a badass mini-series. Coming soon.

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    Well, well - something I never really expected to see - Carrie, my favourite chart topper, side by side with the Drive By Truckers, my favourite Country Rock band, in the same list! (Not that it would be at all out of place for me - but I've grown used to thinking my musical tastes didn't coincide with many magazines.)

    In fact, though, this is a pretty good list, - thank you, for taking the range of Country Music seriously these days, Rolling Stone.

    Skimming through the list, it seems that Carrie and Miranda are the only representatives of the current generation of prominent chart stars - and I think that says a lot about the way so much of the rest of Mainstream radio concentrates on unchallenging middle-of-the road, good-time songs.

    (Although - unfortunately - there's little sign of them being joined on radio by Maggie Rose, she deserves full credit for backing a song that's very bold for Mainstream fare - Lisa Carver's "Whiskey and a Gun". The clip that Rolling Stone use on that page leaves out the last verse, where the song's narrator is facing death in the execution chamber. As this is central to the song's message, I think it deserves to be played in full - if anyone wants to hear it, this is a link to Maggie singing it earlier, before she developed her present, more Mainstream-friendly stage persona)

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    Well of course number of her best songs!!

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    number one badass song


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