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Thread: Carrie Underwood Makes Men's Health Hottest Women List

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    Carrie Underwood Makes Men's Health Hottest Women List

    The Hottest Women of 2014 | Men's Health

    11. Carrie Underwood

    Just watch Underwood’s American Idol audition to understand why we love her: She manages to make fessing up to having a third nipple endearing. And those legs? Absolute perfection.

    Photo: FilmMagic/Getty Images
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    Really, they can't find anything to talk about other than her Idol audition, lol. Glad to see her at #11, although I don't know how many were included.

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    I was expecting more than two country singers to be on the list, the other one is Jana Kramer who is somewhere in the top 9.

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    That's the only thing they can talk about Carrie's audition. There's other things they can talk about other than that. Don't they do their research?
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    You gotta remember that if you don't follow country music you are not that aware of just how big she is.

    What I want is another big hit that transends, and that way, people may finally stop seeing her as the american Idol winner with a baseball bat.
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    well now this is not a surprise LOL


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