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Thread: Carrie Underwood, Trisha Yearwood Agree on Female Artist Issue

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    Carrie Underwood, Trisha Yearwood Agree on Female Artist Issue

    This is how important the issue of women in country music has become: Two women from different eras of country music completely agree that something's got to give. More female artists deserve to be on the radio, on the charts and on the rise.

    Trisha Yearwood, 49, made her debut the old-fashioned way, when*"She's in Love With the Boy"went to No. 1 in 1991. And this is what*she recently told*Billboard*when they asked her why more female artists aren't at the top of the charts:

    "I don't understand. I don't have an answer. What I loved about being a woman in country music was there was something for everybody. There were a handful of us, probably 10 of us that were doing really, really well, but we were all a little bit different, and I always thought it was easier. People always said it's so hard for a woman, but it's easier because if you were a guy back in the '90s you had two choices: You either wore the hat or you didn't. So it was hard to distinguish yourself. As a woman, it was easy because your image could be so completely whatever you wanted it to be. It was an awesome time to be a woman in the business."

    Carrie Underwood, 30, was only a little girl when Yearwood had her first song on the radio. But 14 years later, in 2005, she was launched into country superstardom when she was crowned*American Idol. And here's what*she told in a recent interview:"

    For country music, I would really love to see more females doing really well. The ones who are out there -- myself,*Miranda,*Reba,*Taylor*-- are doing really well. I would just love to see more! It makes me a little sad when I do look at the charts and I see one female in the Top 20. I really hope that this is the year of the woman, and I really hope that there are some really breakthrough, amazing female artists that people can hear."

    I hear them all the time! You can walk up and down Broadway [in downtown Nashville] and hear people singing, and think, 'They're better than I am!' You know what I mean? You think, 'Wow, why aren't you super famous right now?'"*Two women almost two decades apart agree that there's a problem. The lack of female singers at the top of the charts doesn't make any sense. But does anyone know how to solve it?

    CMT : News : Carrie Underwood, Trisha Yearwood Agree on Female Artist Issue
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    I think the only way to solve it is for the listeners to open their hearts, minds and ears to more women. You know, it's really sad. I've grown up in the south and if you poll any of my friends or family that listen to country, they will always name the male singers first - Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Eric Church, George, Alan Jackson, insert popular male artist.

    I don't get it because I've just never really cared for the male singing voice, just because I believe women have naturally better sounding voices. But I think a lot of times these beautiful country women get marketed because of their appearance and how they look, instead of how they sound or the quality of their songwriting and music. Which is fine, I just don't think radio people and the industry executives are going to take them as seriously. For example, Adele wasn't the most in-shape female artist out there, and people were able to focus on her actual music and her voice instead of commenting how hot she was. Just my opinion. Even if you ask my female friends or family who listen to country, they always name male artists. :/


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    I refuse to believe some other women couldn't be successful like Carrie. There are different layers to country to satisfy different taste for country fans.

    My mom and I were going shopping together. I took Holly Williams cd with us. We listened to it on the way up there, which is about forty minutes. My mom really liked it so much that, I downloaded it for her. My mom let my dad borrow it and he liked it so much he got his own copy. My mom told me to get Holly cd when we were at a dinner my sister cooked for small group of people. One of the guys there asked where he could get Holly cd. I helped him. Next time I saw him he was listened to Holly cd. That was several moths after the dinner. He told me he really enjoys it and listened to it all the time. I also introduced Sara Jarosz to other people as well. All I did was put in her cd and we listened to her music. They became fans. I just wish someone would take a chance with the talented ladies we have in country music.
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    ^^ agreed!

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    "I hear them all the time! You can walk up and down Broadway [in downtown Nashville] and hear people singing, and think, 'They're better than I am!' You know what I mean? You think, 'Wow, why aren't you super famous right now?'"

    Love it! (That's my dream - Carrie walking down Broadway and wandering into Layla's or Tootsie's to catch the music. Carrie knows that other women are not obstacles in her way - as a group they can enrich and strengthen the format. Inspiration comes from the soul, and the soul doesn't grow in isolation. Album 5 is on the way!)
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