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Thread: Country Critic SLAMS 2013's Top Country Acts

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    Country Critic SLAMS 2013's Top Country Acts

    Directly from Fox News Entertainment Front Page with Blake's picture posted on it (though he's not the only only one being criticized).

    Country critic slams 2013's top acts, says they all sing about same lame things | Fox News

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    Grady Smith's video is also being discussed in Gaycarebear's thread here: (Why Country Music Was Awful in 2013)

    Clare posted Billboard's list of best Country albums in this thread: (Billboard: 10 Best Country Albums of 2013)

    Another list of best albums can be found here:
    SPIN's 20 Best Country Albums of 2013 | SPIN | Discover | SPIN Lists
    (That one is intriduced by the rather telling quote
    "More jackasses than old farts here, it's true, but the all-female Top 5 makes up for it, if that's something you're into."

    These lists all contain quite a bit of overlapping and points of similarity - and, for what it's worth, the choices are generally ones that I'd pretty much agree with

    But I'm not a Mainstream fan - and I think several of you will know that I didn't come here out of liking for the Mainstream in general - either past or present. I do think Carrie and Miranda, along with a few of the groups, are beacons of hope in the top Mainstream chart format, but for my part, to appreciate what they're doing, I find it more rewarding to mix listening to them with a broader dose of Alternative artists, rather than with most of the rest of the Mainstream, as satirized in Grady Smith's compilation video.

    But if you do prefer the Mainstream, then that's fine - each to their own. I'm not into criticizing other people's tastes. For me, Country Music is a complex tapestry of styles, and if I defend the inclusion of Psychobilly (for example), then I'll also defend the inclusion of good time party songs.
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