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Thread: Laura Benanti talks live performance, Carrie Underwood, and why musicals are ready

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    Laura Benanti talks live performance, Carrie Underwood, and why musicals are ready

    Did you give any advice to Carrie Underwood?
    No, she didnít need my advice. She was so brave and she worked so hard and I think she had such tremendous heart to open herself up in that way to something she had never done before and to do it in front of millions of people. She knows what itís like to perform live; she doesnít need any help from me.


    Right before showtime, were you all together?
    Yes. We were all together, which was really beautiful. We were all together in one big hair/makeup room. The nuns were singing, the kids were singing, we were all hugging each other. It really became like a family. It was a tremendous group of people. And I have to say, I think thatís a real testament to this Broadway community, because the majority of the people in this show in the ensemble are Broadway people, and there is just a generosity to the theatrical community that permeates everything. So I was very happy for Carrie and Stephen to get to feel that.

    'Sound of Music': Laura Benanti talks live performance | Inside TV |

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    I can totally see Laura in My Fair Lady! I love that movie, but never seen the stage play. I love how the whole cast is supportive of one's not always like that!

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    I love that Carrie was able to feel that to.

    YEs, theater community connects when they do something like this, it can really change you. Its like a "mountain top" experience.

    What occured to me lastnight, was how many people were all working together to make this happen. and that is was such a huge undertaking by such creative artistic professionals. And I mean everybody, not just the actors.
    For a few people to say things like "awful" or "Ok, I hate it", are just ignorant to what is happening here.

    Like whatthebuck said, I just feel sorry for those who chose to go and hate, and just spent a wasted night hating.

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    She would be great in my fair lady. Its sweet how the cats is so supportive of each other. I can see why Carrie loved doing it so much..

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    I love her!


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