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Thread: CMA Predictions

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    It’s that time of year again! Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are back for the sixth time to host Country Music’s biggest night on Wednesday, November 6th and we’re getting very excited over here at UKCM.

    And with just over a week to go until the big night, some of the UKCM Team have been making their own predictions for who they think will be taking home their own ‘Country Oscar’ this year…!

    Album of the Year;

    Backing RED
    “As Taylor describes it, the album highlights the “intense highs, the intense lows… the unbelievable, magical, terrible, sad, beautiful, tragic emotions that shape us into who we are”. Taylor is one of the few songwriters in Nashville today who can somehow fit each of those emotions into a single album. Just one of the many reasons why RED should win Album of the Year.” Katelyn

    Predicting Same Trailer, Different Park
    “Love Kacey and this album showcases her immense music talent!” Andy
    “Really would love for Kacey’s debut album to pick up a CMA award. This album has and is creating a lot of talking points, a record full of honesty – completely deserves the win.” Sophie
    “These are all strong contenders and are great albums, but I would really like to see Same Tailer Different Park to win this as it is so different.” Sukie

    Rooting for Based On a True Story
    “Always loved Blake’s music so would love to see him do well with this one” Sarah

    Hoping for Blown Away
    “For me it’s Blown Away all the way. Not only is this one of the best Country albums of the past few years, it’s one of the best albums of any genre in a long time” Emily

    Overall: Kacey’s Same Trailer, Different Park gets this one from the team, with over half the votes.

    Female Artist of the Year;

    Predicting Kacey Musgraves
    “It’s between Kacey and Carrie for me…. Ah okay Go Team Musgraves!!” Andy

    Backing Carrie Underwood
    “Perfection, perfection, perfection. Carrie is one of the few who sound 10 times better live than in recording.” Katelyn
    “It’s highly likely Taylor will catch this one; but I think Carrie deserves it.” Sophie
    “After a successful year of shows I’d love to see her win this one.” Sarah
    “Carrie has to get this one. There’s barely a handful of people in the world with a voice like hers. Just incredible.” Emily
    “As much as I love Kelly Clarkson, I’m still finding it hard for her to be nominated here. It wouldn’t surprise me if Miranda wins it again, but for me I would love to see either Kacey or Carrie win this!” Sukie

    Overall: Carrie’s comfortably 2013’s Female Vocalist of the Year according to the UKCM team, but will the host ‘Carrie’ the award home on the night?

    Music Video of the Year;

    Backing Highway Don’t Care
    “Showing my love again for the magical trio McGraw, Swift and Urban!” Andy
    “Ahh…! all really great videos eenie, meenie, miney, mo… Highway Don’t Care!” Sukie
    “With such a strong collaboration of amazing artists this one has to be at the top right?” Sarah

    Supporting Blown Away
    “St. Nicholas did a wonderful job in telling the story of the song, making Blown Away (hopefully) the next Video of the Year.” Katelyn
    “Blown Away is a masterpiece in my eyes. It’s one of those videos you can never watch just once. That’s the sign of a Video of the Year to me” Emily

    Hoping for Downtown
    “All great videos. Personally, I believe Carrie deserves to take this one with Blown Away… but I think the humour in Lady A’s Downtown will override” Sophie

    Overall: Highway Don’t Care just beats Blown Away for Video of the Year. It could be a big night for the three superstars!
    A little sad to see the lack of love for Album, but it was pretty much a clean sweep for Female Vocalist.
    The rest of the predictions can be seen here; CMA Awards. It's definitely worth a read in the run up to the show

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    yea a little like for Carrie but not a lot in any of carries nominations. sad sad sad.
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    Oh boy, I think they are predicting all the wrong winners '-'

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    If Musgraves win sorry fans but will be a new "What?" moment, and this time without deserves. What she did to deserve it? I had never heard about her until these 6 nominations at the CMA awards.

    Sorry fans again. I don't want to cause controversy.

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    this is kinda sad that there isn't move love for BA
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