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Thread: Country Gal Maggie Rose Delivers Foot-Stomping NFL Anthem for 2013 Season

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    Country Gal Maggie Rose Delivers Foot-Stomping NFL Anthem for 2013 Season

    Gotta pick one: "Waitin' All Day For Sunday Night," or "All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night." Which one is your fave and why?
    Hank Jr.'s song is a classic and the video is one of my favorites. However, I love "Waitin' All Day For Sunday Night" because as a female it is cool to see another woman singing the theme song for the NFL. I's nice to see some girl power brought to the game.

    Speaking of "Sunday Night," did you see Carrie Underwood's debut of the theme? What did you think?
    I'm a Carrie Underwood fan and I did see the debut. She has an awesome voice and a great stage presence and I thought that came across in the performance.


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    very nice comments from her! thanks for posting!

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    Thanks for posting - this lady has interested me for some time, and as she's said some nice things about Carrie (and, when asked, picked Carrie's song rather than Junior's, lol), I'd like to develop the thread to say a little about her.

    Obviously, this is a digression, and may not interest some of you - but I hope some of you watch it, because I think it illustrates the expectations faced by artists who's heart lies more in Roots Country, trying to break into Mainstream Country - and how far they can go, to meet the tastes of the majority audience.

    The first song is arguably the stronger, sung by Maggie Rose when she was known as Margaret Durante. It's a Lisa Carver song. Lisa is known as a writer who pulls no punches in her dramatic story line songs - this is a hard-hitting version of the revenge/"murder ballad" theme - but this one ends on death row (with no "Tennessee ham and strawberry jam" to soften the impact of the lyrics.) I think it's quite striking that a young singer was prepared to strike out with a song like this, and take it on a radio tour of the Roots stations.

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    Fast forward to Margaret's new image as Maggie Rose.

    This second song is still Roots influenced in style - but thematically lighter, and more in tune with what the Mainstream will play. Called "I Ain't Your Mama", I think it can be compared realistically to some of the other contemporary female songs. Although she's a Carrie fan, Carrie's fan base is very diverse, and I don't expect every other fan here to like this style - but I'd be happy if the Mainstream playlists expanded to allow a few more like this:

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    Her "Preacher's Daughter" from her debut album "Cut To Impress" is a swampy, dark tale. I recommend listening to it. She co-wrote the song and used a real life experience to pen the song (I spoke to her about the song a few months ago)

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    There are many good and talented female singers in the world today, but only a few have a stature and the charisma like Carrie Underwood.

    When you see Carrie Underwood, you will say to yourself:"WOW, I am watching a Megastar" .

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    I like Maggie Rose but the Monday night football theme isn't as good as Carrie singing the SNF theme I guess MNF has different audience than SNF


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