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Thread: Gary Overton Interview @Musicrow

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    Gary Overton Interview @Musicrow

    Exclusive: CEO Gary Overton Breaks Down Sony Partnership With Quu

    Sony Music Nashville announced earlier this week (Aug. 6) it has entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership with Seattle-based media technology company Quu Interactive. The platform allows a fully interactive and customized medium across computers, mobile devices, and, for the first time, within vehicles.
    MusicRow discusses this new venture with Gary Overton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Nashville, revealing how this platform offers new promotional opportunities for the artists and the label and how this partnership will enhance its marketing efforts to the listener.
    MR: How did the idea for joining with Quu come about?
    Overton: We are always looking for innovative ideas that connect our artists with the consumer. Quu provided a real opportunity to try something that has not been done before on the label side. We spent a lot of time with them so we could understand how their new technology could be used and the possible benefits to Sony and our artists.
    MR: Can you explain Quu’s Liner Notes Network and how that will work with your artists?
    Overton: Quu will push relevant, geo-targeted info-bites on the artist whose song is currently playing—such as the artist is performing on tour in your area next week, or their new single is now available for purchase. The goal is to provide an added value and opportunity for both our artists and their fans in a way that made sense. If someone is listening to Carrie Underwood on the radio, we can now let that listener know to tune in to see her co-hosting Good Morning America or that her new live concert DVD is available Aug. 13
    MR: Quu covers several platforms. Is Radio the focus in this partnership?
    Overton: One of the unique aspects of Quu’s technology is that it instantly syncs the artist message across radio station websites and mobile applications in addition to radio. We can brand the station websites to our artists and show the same artist-focused message, all tied to radio airplay.
    Gary Overton and Carrie Underwood

    MR: Other than concerts and release dates, what other messages do you see this platform being used for?
    Overton: Quu is unique because its gives the ability to offer a message at the right moment. If someone is listening to Brad Paisley on the radio, they’ve already chosen Brad. They want to listen to him, or they would have changed the dial. This gives us an opportunity to say, great, you like Brad Paisley, let us tell you more about him and where to see and hear from him next–on TV, in concert, and through retail. It’s really about being in the right environment to deliver that message. Other messaging could include artist centric contests, breaking news about the artist, artist’s sponsorship partners, media appearance tune-ins, and messages from the artists themselves and from their social media feeds.
    MR: How will you evaluate this platform’s success in reaching your targeted listeners?
    Overton: Partnering was the first step. This is uncharted real estate and something that hasn’t been done before, so getting in front of it was the first successful step.
    MR: Will it roll out for all Sony Nashville artists on your roster or select artists?
    Overton: We are rolling out messages for our artists and will eventually cover our entire roster. Currently there are already messages running for several artists, including Carrie Underwood and Kenny Chesney.
    MR: How do you foresee this affecting the marketing and publicity plans for artists?
    Overton: It is a great opportunity for true synergy of our marketing and radio promotion departments in building our artists and their brand.
    MR: Do you expect other labels to jump on board?
    Overton: Absolutely! It is not proprietary to Sony. The artist message is linked to the artist’s song. That message is also synched so the car display, station website and mobile app are all consistent. I view this as a beneficial partnership and opportunity for other labels and station groups at Country radio.

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    This sounds like an interesting idea.

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    Interesting - if you go to this page:
    Quu Interactive
    there is a short promotional video - and Carrie is the example being used to illustrate how the technology works. You hear a DJ announcing her name, and a few details about "Blown Away" being flashed up on the screen.

    It also says that Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are the artists being initialy featured (though obviously, use will spread as other labels take it up.

    It appears to be aimed particularly at people listening to radio in cars and on mobile devices - but audio information can be incorporated on any radio. Visual information wouldn't work on a traditional radio (and I can foresee safety concerns if visual information is sent to car radio display panels). There may also be privacy objections from people who dislike targeted advertising - (along the lines of "Bring the Kings of Leon to Skeleton Hovel!" suddenly flashing up in the corner of your computer, lol) - but I think this has considerable potential
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    Love that little video! Thanks for posting!


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