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Thread: Sarah Darling, on Carrie's "beautiful self"

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    Sarah Darling, on Carrie's "beautiful self"

    EX: As far as modern artists, who has inspired you the most?
    SD: You know, our styles are completely different, but I think Carrie Underwood has inspired me the most. I think she’s just graceful and a really amazing artist, humble, sweet.
    EX: Have you met her?
    SD: Yes, I have. There’s something really refreshing about that. You see it onstage, and you can kind of tell when someone has that attitude that maybe there head is a little too big. I kind of saw that a little bit on the CMT Awards with a couple different people. Then, she comes out and is her beautiful self.

    Exclusive: Sarah Darling opens up on Carrie Underwood, 'The Bachelor' and more - National Country Music |

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    ooh i wonder who she meant had the big head? haha Love what she said about Carrie.

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    Carrie introduced me to Sarah's music when she tweeted a link to the song "Home to Me". I love this song! I think Carrie said it made her think of Mike while she was on the road touring. I'm sure that Sarah remembers the attention that Carrie brought to her song and will never forget that act of kindness!

    Sarah Darling - Home To Me - YouTube

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    aww nice comments!
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    That's nice! I already liked her, but I like her even more now!


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