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Thread: Ryan Seacrest Talks Kardashians, The Wanted & The Future Of American Idol

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    Ryan Seacrest Talks Kardashians, The Wanted & The Future Of American Idol

    Why "American Idol" is still around: "'Idol' has built this track record of credibility unlike the other shows that haven't been around long enough to do it as much. But when you think about this success of what Carrie [Underwood] has accomplished and what Kelly [Clarkson]has accomplished and what Jennifer Hudson has accomplished, I mean, that's huge success."

    omg! Celebrity gossip, news photos, babies, couples, hotties, and more - omg! from Yahoo!

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    Alot of comments blaming Ryan.
    I don't blame Ryan one bit.
    HE is doing what he is supposed to do. Make as much moeny as possible at any expense.

    It is the people that actually watch the show and somehow think idolizing these people and their lives is worth the time you spend watching it. That is who should be to blame. If people don't watch, it goes away. That is pop culture.

    So who is watching this?? And who thinks these people are either good enough to watch or bad enough to watch.

    I think I have seen 5 minutes of one episode just for the curiocity-factor. And I am completely confused where the entertainment lies, I just don't get it at all.

    Maybe its cause I have lived in LA my whole life and have known people like this and understand just how shallow their lives really are.

    Reality check: "Everybody puts on their pants one leg at a time!" Point: Why idolize them, they are no different than anyone else, except that they are convinced that the world idolizes them.

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    ^^ agree with what you said about Ryan..he's just doing his job!


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