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Thread: The Underwoods get dressed up to see their 'Idol' - Adorable 2005 article and pics

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    The Underwoods get dressed up to see their 'Idol' - Adorable 2005 article and pics

    The last line though... Nice read and pictures..article continues at link
    A family affair | Tulsa World

    The Underwoods get dressed up to see their 'Idol' crowned

    Breanna Means floated through the racks of gowns, a peach-hued dress whispering with each step.

    Occasionally, she'd flit by her grandmother, Carole Underwood, for advice.

    "Would this be fancy?" the 12-year-old from Bixby asked.

    With a head-to-toe glance, Underwood smiled. "Looks fancy to me. Did you show your mom?"

    Mom, who also goes by Shanna Means, was steps away in a fitting room next to her sister, Stephanie Shelton. They were trying on dresses, too, all for the same event.

    Shanna Means, Shelton and their mom, Underwood, were at Clothes Horse, 3326 E. 51st St., picking out formal attire for a trip Tuesday to Los Angeles. That's where Underwood's other daughter, Carrie, will sing her heart out that night to be the next "American Idol."

    Carrie Underwood of Checotah is one of two finalists in the top-rated reality series, which is flying her family to L.A. to see her compete against Bo Bice of Birmingham, Ala., at the Kodak Theater. The show will air live at 7 p.m. Tuesday and 7 p.m. Wednesday on Fox, channel 23, cable channel 5.

    "Right now, it's just controlled chaos," said Carole Underwood, who's flown out to California several times already. She has her outfit picked out -- something with pants, she said. But that's all she felt comfortable divulging, what with the show's kind of hush-hush policy.

    Her two daughters, though, were busy choosing one from among hundreds of gown at Clothes Horse.

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    It is fun to look back

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    wow I love cool to look back!!

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    I've never seen that; thank you so much for sharing!

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    Just think, Carrie's niece Breanna must be 20 now - but what an awesome memory to have watched her aunt become this awesome Carrie of 2013 - she must be so proud. Loved the article and picture - love looking back when its such a success story today!!
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    Those were the days


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