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Thread: Seven reasons you don't want to be in a Carrie Underwood song (and one reason you do)

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    Seven reasons you don't want to be in a Carrie Underwood song (and one reason you do)

    Taylor Swift has gotten a lot of flack lately for her biographical songs in which every boy she ever dated seems to make a debut.
    But there are worst things than being in a Swift single. Like being in a Carrie Underwood one.

    The country songstress and "American Idol" winner is performing at the Giant Center in Hershey tonight (March 25).
    In honor of her performance, here's a list of seven reasons you never want to be in a song Carrie Underwood sings - and one reason you do.
    Trust us, she's come a long way from "Jesus Take The Wheel."

    1. Your car has been destroyed.
    That souped-up 4 wheel drive? Yep, it's been keyed. Your leather seat has her name scratched into it, your headlights have been busted and your tires have been slashed - all by your ex-girlfriend. A little psycho, much? I mean, maybe you should not have cheated. That was kind of a jerk move.

    Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats - YouTube

    2. Your daughter hates you so much she left you to die. Granted, you were an abusive father and you were passed out on the couch in the midst of a tornado (seriously, you couldn't have had one less drink so you could have heard the sirens?). But, ouch. Not even your own family loves you. That's awful.

    Carrie Underwood - Blown Away - YouTube

    3. You steal happiness. As the lyrics of "Undo It" read: "You stole my happy." Seriously, who does that? Basically, you're a terrible human being and now everyone who listens to the song knows it.

    Carrie Underwood - Undo It - YouTube

    4. Your wife didn't even cry at your funeral - and neither did your mistress.
    The good news is, at least you weren't really that aware of what was going on.

    5. You're dead, probably murdered. That mistress of yours? Sounds like she worked with your wife to do you in - at least that is how "Black Cadillacs" makes it sound. Maybe that's why they didn't cry.

    Carrie Underwood - Two Black Cadillacs - YouTube

    continued at link: Seven reasons you don't want to be in a Carrie Underwood song (and one reason you do) |

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    Thanks for sharing!

    That wasn't a very good article though. It wasn't funny. x) Like, the author could have used The More Boys I Meet...and, like, using Blown Away, although the title track of her current album, it's not really comparable to the Taylor Swift songs about her exes...unless you count Mine..."careless man's careful daughter." Gets me every time. Then the author was so lazy, he (?) used TBC twice. And ITYS isn't exactly a good reason to be in one of her songs. seemed lazily put together. I could have done a better job.

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    That is too funny lol

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    I thought it was cute. I was wondering when someone would go through all the people Carrie kills or messes with in her songs. lol
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    haha this is funny!

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    This is cute. Love it.

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    My favorite: You steal Happiness.

    To be more acurate: 'You steal Happy"!!

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    Loved it! (I'd have put "Songs Like This" in instead of "Undo It" - you're the first poor sap she meets when she's out on her "done me wrong" spree)

    There are many sides to Carrie's songs - but "Carrie with attitude" is one of the best!


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