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    'I'm early for everything!' Carrie Underwood reveals her obsession with being on time

    Fame has many advantages, but there is no denying that it leads to an unpredictable life.
    And Carrie Underwood has revealed that as a result she is 'O.C.D.' about certain things.
    The Two Black Cadillacs singer admits she gets fussy about being in control of certain aspects of her life, likening it to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    She explained: 'I'm O.C.D. about time, I'm early for everything to the point where it freaks people out.

    Read more: Carrie Underwood is obsessive about being on time... as it's the only part of her life she controls | Mail Online
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    Nothing wrong with being early. Better early than late

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    ^^ exactly..that's how I think of it too!


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