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    What's the Best 'American Idol' Song? Season 12 Finalists Weigh In

    Billboard spent some quality time with the season 12 finalists of "American Idol" Thursday night at a red carpet reception in Los Angeles. The two questions of the night: What's your favorite "Idol" song ever and who would win an all-star competition spanning all 12 seasons?

    Newly voted-in top 10 contestant Amber Holcomb praised Carrie Underwood’s “Just a Dream” for its emotional appeal while a veteran to the show, Ray Chew (music director at American Idol), chimed in on Philip Phillip’s “Home” and his enthusiasm for its continual success post Idol. Another fan favorite was Fantasia Barrino’s inspiring performance of “I Believe” on Season 3 of Idol, which resonated with contestant Curtis Finch Jr. throughout his audition process and also on our Top 100 Idol Hits List, ranking in the top 40. Oddly enough, there was not one mention of Season 1 and Grammy Winner Kelly Clarkson on the Red Carpet, who claimed the top spot on our list with her Hot 100 chart-topper “Since U Been Gone”.

    And what "Idol" alum would win an ultimate head-to-head season-spanning face-off? Burnell Taylor and Devin Velez both agreed between Carrie Underwood and Fantasia Barrino for the number one spot. However, Candice Glover put her affirmation in season 4’s country pop queen Carrie Underwood being the all-star champ while Janelle Arthur was positive Pickler would take first place with Underwood as a close runner-up.

    Other questions asked and answered ranged from the contestant’s surprises on judge’s demeanor to their feelings on the now narrowed down top ten.

    What's the Best 'American Idol' Song? Season 12 Finalists Weigh In | Billboard

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    Ha ha ha ha, shows where Janelle sits on the talent scale.

    IF she thinks Kellie Pickler would win an All-star Amercan Idol sing-off she clearly does not know alot about singing!!

    Carrie/Kelly/Houdson ......... with Kelly taking the top prize for the right combination of personality and true grit.

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    JAD is a great emotional song!


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