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Thread: Carrie Blows Away Las Vegas!

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    Carrie Blows Away Las Vegas!

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    The ESSENCE of Carrie Underwood is that she FOCUS PRIMARILY on BEATING HERSELF! NOT beating the CRITICS and other artists. Carrie is relentlessly asking the question "How can I improve myself to do better tomorrow than I did today?" Carrie's SUPERB EXECUTION and PERFORMANCES NATURALLY COMES to Carrie as a residual result of relentlessly asking this question. And she has asked this question day in and day out - as a disciplined way of life. She institutionalizes this question AS A WAY OF LIFE - her never-ending cycle of self-stimulated improvement and investment for the future. No matter how much she achieves - no matter how far in front of other artists she pulls - she NEVER THINKS she HAS DONE "GOOD ENOUGH". There is no ultimate finish line in Carrie Underwood. There is no "having made it". Ther is no point where she feels she can coast the rest of the way, living off the fruits of her labor. AND SHE HAS ATTAINED HER "EXTRAORDINARY POSITION" RIGHT NOW because she is SO TERRIBLY DEMANDING of herself - she is about something FAR MORE IMPORTANT - "ENDURING and SUBSTANTIAL".

    Finally, and perhaps most important of all, it means FOR CARRIE - working with a deep and abiding respect for HER ORGANIZATION as an important institution in its own right - an institution that requires HER CARE and ATTENTION. For it is through the power of human organization - of individuals working together in common cause - that the bulk of the world's best work gets done!
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    videos were awesome and ^^ yes love that...glad she doesnt listen to the critics!

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    Thats really cool.
    I think Carrie would do really really well with a permanent show in Vegas like Celine / elton / Cher have done.
    A solid 5 month stay where she can just make a real solid mark on her perfomance skills. And skip all the running around the country.
    I know alot of people would miss out but it would be easier on her and those gigs are hugely lucritive to the artist.

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    Thank You!


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