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    Video Premiere TWO BLACK CADILLACS

    Video Premiere: Carrie Underwood "Two Black Cadillacs"

    Last night, Carrie Underwood debuted her dark new video for the track "Two Black Cadillacs." The single -the third from the singer's Blown Away album- recalls the result of two scorned women seeking revenge against a cheating lover.

    In the clip, Underwood is... ready for this?... the OTHER woman! That's right, little miss goody-two-shoes took on the more controversial role, while strutting around fashionable as ever. Does this women ever look bad??

    Watch the premiere of "Two Black Cadillacs" now and by the way, if you can explain the bizarre ending, please comment below and explain it to me. I'm confused. Did Jesus, in fact, take the wheel?

    LOL, love that bolded part....made me laugh....sorta the opposite.

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    I don't really like how they called her a goodie two shoes. But thanks for posting!


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