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    Carrie Underwood channels 'Christine' in 'Two Black Cadillacs' music video

    My little write up. Please share

    Carrie Underwood takes the wheel, literally, in her brand new music video, "Two Black Cadillacs." Lifting a page right out of Stephen King's Christine, Underwood barrels down dark and uncharted territory on an unimaginable thrill ride, unlike any of her previous releases. The song, off her platinum-selling Blown Away, was co-written with Josh Kear and Hillary Lindsey and tells the tale of lust, revenge, and murder.

    Two women are done wrong by the same cheating man, leaving them drained of emotion and sentiment. "He'd never get away with doing this to them," Underwood croons on the second verse. Their plan is to lay him to rest, and their strategic ideas come to fruition throughout the video, intercut with shots of the lake, the dank alleyway, and a funeral. Of course, they enlist the help from a special friend: the car.

    Much like in the horror classic, the car quickly becomes the focus of the nearly six-minute clip, beginning with Underwood setting her sites on the black Cadillac. Over the course of the video, it becomes obvious that what happened is rather unclear, only hinting at the plot and the killer. Underwood takes on a new life, as a sinister, blood-thirsty and vengeful other woman. There is no stopping her; all the while, Underwood's gleeful evil grin sends chills down the spine.

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    Carrie Underwood takes the wheel, literally, in her brand new music video, "Two Black Cadillacs."
    Ha love that line. Thanks for the article

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    Great review of Carrie's new vid of TBC

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    I like the fact that she used the Christine theme, but more impressed that Mr. King gave her the ok.

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    Good write up jason. loving the video.

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    Awesome write up!


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