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    'American Idol' Carrie Underwood would find it 'really tough' to do a 'Smash,' 'Glee'

    Carrie Underwood knows some current drama series are fueled by music, but she's not sure she'd want to leap into such a show herself.

    "Oh, gosh, I don't know," the superstar singer tells Zap2it. "If you play yourself on a show that's a super-drama, I wouldn't want people to think I was like that. There's a lot of meaty drama happening on those shows, so that would be really tough, to do something that was so close to my real life. There'd probably be a lot of stuff where I'd be like, 'I'm not going to say that! I'm not going to do that!'"

    "American Idol" veteran Underwood notes she has "had my experience" doing a weekly show from her ultimately triumphant run in that contest. She allows she's been in such a whirlwind since -- also encompassing her two nominations for the title cut from her CD "Blown Away" in the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, which CBS airs Sunday, Feb. 10 -- time to reflect on her success is rare for her.

    However, says Underwood, "I do like to reminisce about 'Idol.' In some ways, it feels like it was yesterday and in others, it feels like it was a million years ago ... but it's hard to take it all in. Every once in a while, somebody will bring something up that I completely forgot about. I don't know if I'll ever be able to sit down and assess my life and career. My mind would probably explode."

    That's a feeling Underwood's spouse likely shares now. Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher is gearing up for an intensely compacted season that starts Saturday (Jan. 19), now that the NHL lockout is over. "It was exciting," Underwood recalls of the two of them getting the word. "If somebody told me, 'Sorry, Carrie, you can't go sing now,' I'd probably be disappointed.

    "For somebody like my husband, it was probably nice being able to spend a little extra time working on himself. He's very dedicated, even when he's not playing; he still works out and skates by himself, making sure he stays ready. It is nice for him to get back to work, although the schedule looks crazy, with four or five games a week."

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    Thanks for posting!

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    ^^ Ditto.

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    Thank you, Like it!!

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    Thanks for sharing with us.

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    love this...I agree with her!


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