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Thread: Country Strong- New Modern Dog Magazine Interview

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    Country Strong- New Modern Dog Magazine Interview

    Country Strong

    Exclusive! Carrie Underwood on four-legged groupies, stealing hot dogs, and not eating her friends.

    By Mary-Jo Dionne | Photo Jeff Lipsky/CPI Syndication

    A couple years ago, my husband and I headed to Los Angeles to attend an animal rescue fundraising gala. While there, we did what any self-respecting gala-attendees would: we partook of the champagne. In truth, we imbibed too much champagne. If you’re anything like my husband and me, you know there’s only one thing you get when you cross animal advocacy with a good flute of bubbly. And that is an uncensored slapping down of the plastic the split second the Silent Auction opens. Sure enough, light headed and giddy, we bid on everything from yoga classes in Malibu (so what if we live in Vancouver; it’s for a good cause!) to tickets for the filming of various daytime talk shows (so what if we live in Vancouver; it’s for a good cause!). Alas, by night’s end, when we headed back to our hotel room, our arms were filled with an eclectic mix of auction buys while our heads were filled with champagne bubbles. It was only the next morning when I perused the details of my stash that I noticed—according to one of my newly acquired sets of tickets—that I, along with one lucky friend, would be attending the live season finale of American Idol. (So what if I live in Vancouver; it’s for a good cause!)
    Then in its tenth season, the reality television series intent on launching the career of the next pop sensation had long won the devoted hearts of millions of voting fans who plan evenings around the show’s air-time. Well, millions of voting fans minus one. Admittedly, I’d never really sipped the American Idol Kool-Aid before. Not because I felt any form of disdain for its premise, but rather because it felt like an awful big time commitment. (I hadn’t been a member of a Book Club for years because the idea of promising to meet once a month made me break into a cold sweat.) Now the bearer of tickets to the hottest finale in town, I made the decision to meet weekly— me on my couch, they on screen—with the cast of the series’ twenty-something hopefuls and three judges I’d only ever heard scary things about. I was determined to come back to LA in just a few short months, equipped with not only enthusiasm for the process and familiarity with the contestants’ and their back-story, but an opinion. And sure enough, only weeks into my self-given assignment, I was hooked. (An I-didn’t-see-it-coming crush on judge Steven Tyler didn’t hurt either.) Surprisingly, I was remorseful not that I’d taken the American Idol pledge, but rather that I hadn’t jumped on the American Idol train years before.
    Like, for instance, during 2005’s season four, when a soft-spoken country girl from rural Oklahoma stepped in front of judges for the first time and belted out the lyrics to Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” This was the on-camera debut of Carrie Underwood who, when she learned had made it to the next qualifying round, rendered herself all the more endearing by exclaiming with an innocence that could melt farm-fresh butter: “Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! I’m going to get to fly on a plane!” But if this contestant thought that reaching cruising altitude on a jumbo jet would be the extent of her rise, she was grossly mistaken. For at season four’s close, Carrie would become the fourth official American Idol and ultimately the series’ most successful Idol to date, selling more than 15 million albums and more than 22.5 million digital tracks. In June of last year, Carrie became the female country artist with the most number one hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, breaking a record she had temporarily co-held with none other than Reba McEntire.
    Her life of down-home pleasures, bottle-feeding cows on the farm, singing at her church, and playing football (flag, not tackle) for her local team, swiftly swung to the other end of the spectrum at dizzying speeds. The insta-superstardom that followed her win and has only grown over the last eight years has seen her topping charts and breaking records like nobody’s business. Yet, even in the face of having released Blown Away, her fourth album, and a tour schedule that can only be called grueling, this five-time Grammy Award-winner insists on making the time to give back in ways that extend far beyond catchy lyrics and endearing vocals. While the gamut of her public support for worthy endeavours includes charities for sick children, disaster relief funding for victims of the 2010 Tennessee flooding, and speaking up for the human rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community, it is her perhaps her commitment to animal welfare that most astounds. From appearing in Public Service Announcements for the Humane Society of the United States to being the official spokesperson for the Pedigree adoption drive, Carrie took things a giant step further when she opened her own pet rescue organization, Happy Paws Animal Shelter, in her hometown. In short, Carrie Underwood doesn’t just talk the talk—or, in her case, sing the words—she walks the walk. Like the song Carrie selected to perform for American Idol judges during her audition says, no, maybe Carrie can’t make us love her. Yet, somehow, she most certainly has. Here’s what she had to say about her incredible journey—and the animals she’s loved along the way—when we recently spoke.
    Interview part at link- Country Strong | Modern Dog magazine - the best dog magazine ever

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    Love the article!!! A new Carrie fan!!!!

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    Amazing article! Thank you so much for posting!

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    totally love this...thanks for posting!


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