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Thread: For artistic direction, Carrie takes the wheel

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    For artistic direction, Carrie takes the wheel

    For artistic direction, Carrie takes the wheel -

    As many of country music's biggest stars find themselves caught in a flurry of artistic distraction, Carrie Underwood has always preferred trusting her instincts.

    "I enjoying making country music that everybody can like no matter what genre of music you listen to," said Underwood, who will perform at Rabobank Arena Oct. 18 in support of her latest album, "Blown Away."

    "Find a song, or find a story that you can really get into. I've been asked many times to make alternative versions of my songs, but I know how I grew up, the kind of music that I like and am comfortable singing."

    Even seven years after her life-changing win on "American Idol," the performer fans see today isn't that much different from the fresh-faced 21-year-old who charmed Simon Cowell -- save for the multiplatinum success she's enjoyed in the interim. Underwood, 29, locked in to her musical identity as a child growing up in Oklahoma, where country music is part of everyday life.

    "We had so much country music on the radio where I lived," said Underwood, who was proud to note a Bakersfield connection: Her mom, Carole, was born here, though she didn't stay long.

    "People like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard were just a part of what was on the radio every day, along with newer artists. I don't think at the time I even knew what Bakersfield's 'sound' was. I just knew the artists and that they were a part of my life."

    As a repeat co-host (with Brad Paisley) of the Country Music Awards, Underwood feels an obligation to see what her colleagues are up to musically, and though she said she likes a lot of what she hears, she isn't that influenced by it. She's too busy cultivating her own artistic identity.
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    Great article! Thanks for posting.

    I have never thought about what goes into making a concert show work...I am glad that Carrie appreciates all the hard work that must go into one.

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    "i'll text miranda from time to time and talk about how we really need to get together, but of course we're never in the same place at the same time. It's just really nice to have a lot of other females in the genre that are genuinely nice and normal, and you can have a conversation with them and get to be happy for them when good things happen."
    haha! :d

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    Whenever I think I just couldn't find anything to make me like Carrie more - she comes out with something that blows me away all over again!

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    great article!


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