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Thread: Lucky 7th Grader Scores 1st Kiss With Carrie Underwood (Audio)

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    9,189 Lucky 7th Grader Scores 1st Kiss With Carrie Underwood (Audio)

    Lucky 7th Grader Scores First Kiss With Carrie Underwood

    The talented Carrie Underwood is making headlines with her saucy smooch for one lucky guy. Here’s a hint, it’s not her husband Mike Fisher.

    12-year-old Chase Kervin was just a regular 7th grader who had never been kissed, until he got pulled up on stage at a Carrie Underwood concert in Louisville, Kentucky and got some lip action with the gorgeous goddess. Chase called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the smooch, how his life has changed, and who will be the lucky girl that gets his second kiss.

    Who Will Be The Lucky Girl To Steal Chase’s Second Kiss?
    Though Chase isn’t sure who his next kiss will belong too, he does have some ideal second kisses in mind. As for a pop-star he would want to kiss, Chase didn’t miss a beat saying, “Selena Gomez,” would be his next choice. He’s got great taste! But, when Ryan suggested it should be Nicki Minaj who has his second kiss, Chase jumped right in saying, “Yea I think so too!” Sounds like Chase has a couple of sassy singers on the brain.

    How Did Chase Get Carrie’s Attention?
    “I had a sign that said, ‘Carrie Be My First Kiss.’ The first song she sang, she came up on stage and I was holding it up, and she saw it and winked at me. And then couple of songs later, she pulled me up on stage and said ‘how are we going to do this?’ and I said, ‘lip to lip.’” In the moment, Chase said, “I was kind of confused, I didn’t really know what was going on. I don’t know how I did it. It was amazing. She had cherry lip balm.”

    When Did Girls Stop Having Cooties?
    Only one word necessary: “Now.” Chase said that his parents are very proud, and that his Dad is super psyched.

    What Was School Like When Chase went back As A Hometown Celebrity?
    “Everyone was jealous. All the girls said ‘you’re one of the most popular kids.’ Everyone tweeted me and would want to take pictures with me and stuff.

    Chase says he’s doing “amazing” after he scored his first kiss ever was with Carrie. Afterall what guy wouldn’t be? Ryan had just a few words of advice for Chase upon ending the interview, “I wish you nothing but a lot of first bases in your future.”

    We only have one question, how can you top being smooched by Carrie Underwood? We hope Chase figures that one out!

    NOTE: Please click link to listen to the audio interview

    Lucky 7th Grader Scores First Kiss With Carrie Underwood

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    oh man another one haha...still love this kid..hes so lucky!

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    Thanks for posting Ann. You are terrific. Loved the Ryan Seacrest interview.
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    Yeah Carrie is getting some attention now all she has to do is give a lip to lip kiss to a 12 year old boy. She didn't have this much attention before in one of her tours lol


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