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Thread: Hi Carrie Underwood, Can You Sign This? All Access: Behind the Scenes @ Webster Bank

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    Hi Carrie Underwood, Can You Sign This? All Access: Behind the Scenes @ Webster Bank

    All Access - Connecticut News

    Hi Carrie Underwood, can you sign this?

    That's Carrie Underwood's signature on the number 2.

    On October 10, rock legends Rush will play Webster Bank Arena and there will be a stalker in the building.
    I’ll be holding a Bridegport Sound Tigers hockey jersey with “RUSH” on the nameplate in one hand and a black Sharpie in the other. Before the night is over, so help me God, I will have three signatures on that jersey: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.
    One of the traditions in the concert world is the venue presenting a gift to the artist or band performing that night. It’s a nice gesture by the venue to show appreciation and a nice way to build a good rapport with the band and its management (you know, so the next tour returns.)
    One of the most common gifts is a hockey jersey emblazoned with the performer’s name on the back. Many venues, ours included, has a hockey team as one of the main tenants. So there’s lots of hockey jerseys lying around ready to be customized.
    A jersey makes sense for a lot of performers. Carrie Underwood, for instance, is married to an NHL player. Rush is from Canada. Nonetheless, we’ve been debating if there’s something better than a hockey jersey. Performers get dozens of jerseys as their tour winds its way accross the country, and some jerseys must get tossed in a bin and forgotten.
    One of our sales reps had a great suggestion, a bottle of nice wine with a customized label. Then our ticket operations director had an even better idea. Stick with the hockey jersey, but keep it and auction it off to raise money for one of our charitable parters.
    Carrie Underwood, who performed on September 15, was the test case. Would she embrace the idea, want to keep the jersey or refuse outright? It was up to me to convince one of the biggest stars in the world to go along with our plan.
    Carrie enjoys pre-show backstage meet & greets and I asked her tour manager if she would sign a tour poster to display in our lobby and the jersey. He graciously agreed, and after helping organize about 30 star-struck lucky fans, I was the last person in line.
    The meet & greet room had been transformed into a luxury lounge with sparkly drapes, fragrant flowers and soft music. The line slowly winded around a drape barrier, giving me plenty of time to nervously think about what to say. At last I stood face to face with the lovely Ms. Underwood.
    “Hi Carrie, we raise money for several charities and would you mind if we kept the jersey and auctioned it?” I said as confindently as possible.
    “What a nice idea, of course,” she replied, raising her silver Sharpie and writing her signature on the number 12 (her husband’s number).
    She also signed the poster and I thanked her and walked out, my heart beating a little faster. If only I had remembered to get my picture taken with her.
    So we have a new tradition at Webster Bank Arena, one that will benefit the less fortunate.
    Thanks, Carrie.

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    Another person who goes blank when they meet Carrie. lol. Sad they didn't get their picture though.
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    That is so neat. This person had an agenda, got the job done; but holy cow, the photo afterthought. I'd be kicking myself forever for that too close, thought.

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    ^^ who doesnt go blank when they meet her haha

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    he couldn't have picked a better test case as we know how charitable Carrie is!

    and it was a really good idea on his part!

    but too bad about the missed photo!
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