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Thread: Carrie Underwood, Albert Hall - review

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    Quote Originally Posted by carebear4eva View Post
    Strongly agree with the part in bold.

    Also, I'm officially going to start referring to Carrie as Goldilocks. That's how the media appears to treat her. She flashes some leg....TOO SLUTTY! She covers up 1% more than usual....TALIBAN-GIRL! She calmly sings a song with the voice of an angel...NO STAGE PRESENCE! She adds some zing to the performance with outfits/"dance" moves/SFX....DISTRACTING FROM THE MUSIC! She releases some pop material....HOLLYWOOD SELLOUT! She goes uber-country...STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW, GIRL! She announces her faith in God....STOP STUFFING RELIGION DOWN MY THROAT! She announces her support for the rights of the LGBT community....I THOUGHT YOU WERE A CHRISTIAN??!

    Like I said...Goldilocks...It's always too hot or too cold, too soft or too hard.

    Totally get why she said "I HAVE TO LIVE FOR MYSELF!"

    omg best post ever!!! ha ha and so true!! she can never please some people no matter what!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bearball49 View Post
    I just went to see te comments on the review. I am sure Carrie fan has heard of Ricky Smithson......that troll is all over CMT and any Carrie Review. It does pee me off, but I do not respond. It just bugs me that a non Carrie fan would read those comments and think it was real.....worst concert ever, terrible songs blah, blah. The part that hurt the most is that there were some real sound problems there. The one person commenting said she would pay to hear Carrie again, but not at Royal Albert Hall. The person was able to snag a better seat and got to listen to about half of the concert right. This person blamed the venue and said that for all of uts historical value, the fenue does not hold up to modern equipment. This person said they would never go to RAH again. Another person kind of ripped on the reviewer about the taliban clothing comment but I would have been happier with more positive comments. On the other hand, many that were there loved it and probably did not feel the need to comment. There were some statements about her not singing all of JTTW but there is no pleasing everyone. Kind of surprized that the person missing the last part of JTTW complained about the song tacked on.....doesn't make sense the person did not have an appreciation for HGTA when it is a Christian song. I don't think some of them get country music or they would not complain about the songwriting.......heck, several of them could have been Ricky Smithson aliases for that matter. Oh, well rant over. Not everyone is going to be fan.
    If this Smithson is the same person who posts about Carrie all over CMT, etc., it seems a bit suspicious that he says he went to this concert in London because his girlfriend made him go!

    The London Evening Standard is a free giveaway newspaper for Londoners, and doesn't circulate outside the region. It's owned by a Russian family who built up large business interests after the fall of Communism.
    Apparently the music critic who wrote that article can be very harsh to bands he regards as pretentious or phony - so, on reflection, I think we can be glad that his coverage of Carrie was, on balance, good. As I said, I could have done without the snarkiness - but from what I've heard, his general style can be like that, and his regular readers would probably see this as a positive review, with a recommendation that Carrie is considerably better than some cynics might have expected.

    I agree that the few readers' comments were mainly disappointing - they don't tally though with the many enthusiastic comments on Twitter and elsewhere from people who were there (but probably not Standard readers!). I'm pretty sure that, overall, Carrie would have been very pleased with her first reception here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lab View Post
    I agree!!! It is a GREAT REVIEW, FOR ME!!! IF, the critic used "SAUDIS" instead of "TALIBAN", then there is no debate. However, the VERY CONSERVATIVE DRESS of the Saudi Women are NOT WELL KNOWN to the WESTERN COUNTRIES. It just so happened that the VERY CONSERVATIVE DRESS of Taliban Women are really VERY POPULAR NOW, IN WESTERN COUNTRIES because of the war. NOT A BIG DEAL, FOR ME!!!
    I was once an expatriate woman in Saudi Arabia. We are advised to veil when we go out to the mall and wear a similar dress like what Carrie was wearing and the like, in the Albert Hall Live Concert. It is a very conservative country.

    Great review! Awesome!

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    Yep, you got it Ricky Smithson is one of the aliases of the CMT troll , he's a Taylor fan= he's all over every Carrie article, every Carrie video with his different aliases - I have found that pretty much all the negative posts are his - he's the one with his 25 aliases over at youtube who is claiming Carrie lips syncs - the other names Sandersdion27, Jim3543, ben2313ify, mike7363ify , kelly benson 14 1Jimcarpenter, Mine are just a few .

    Edit - Lo and Behold I just went to the article to check it out and what do I find ?- a Jim Carpenter answering the Ricky Smithson post - that's him alright - I try to expose him whenever I see one of his posts, saying it's a fake username by a troll and that he give thumbs up to his own posts
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    Thanks, I really do appreciate the slooth work.
    What a character. Sad really.
    I wonder if we should send him flowers (with a Carrie Cd in it)!
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    I'm sorry, I don't like this review. I don't think he understands what Carrie is about. He came across as incredibly snaky.

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