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Thread: Hollywood Reporter: Carrie Underwood Comes Out In Favor of Same Sex Marriage

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    Hollywood Reporter: Carrie Underwood Comes Out In Favor of Same Sex Marriage

    It is hitting some bigger sites now. Hollywood Reporter is huge in LA. Mostly nice comments so far. It hit Country Weekly too.

    Carrie Underwood Comes Out in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage - Hollywood Reporter

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    Thanks for posting Tee...but I think there has been enough discussion on this one already...

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    This is the forum to post articles about Carrie so if more come out I hope tee posts them.
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    the only thing that will be interesting is now they people know where she stands, more people are going to ask her in interviews and whatnot. it will be interesting to see how she answers more questions about the topic..

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    Going to lock this just like the other threads. Everyone has had their fair share of commenting and sharing their opinions. The first thread was locked by Jeff, yesterday. What else can be said? By posting the story again we can only expect for the continuation of bickering and being unkind to each other. Is there a point to that?


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