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Thread: Carrie Underwood + Mike Fisher Have Differing Opinions on When to Have a Baby

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    Carrie Underwood + Mike Fisher Have Differing Opinions on When to Have a Baby

    Carrie Underwood and husband, Nashville Predators star Mike Fisher, will celebrate their second anniversary in July. Of course, we’re all happy for them. But what’s really burning up fans’ minds is one question: When will they have a baby? During an interview with Oprah, which will air on Sunday May 20 at 9PM ET on OWN, the infamous talk show host asked them the big question. And it sounds like Mr. and Mrs. Fisher have differing opinions on when to have kids!

    Underwood has been the center of plenty of baby rumors ever since she returned from her honeymoon two summers ago. But in April, she quelled the gossip by telling ‘Extra’ that there are no baby plans for the near future.

    But during the couple’s Oprah interview, they displayed an obvious disconnect about the timing of having children. When the host asked if they would expand their family soon, Underwood said no, while her husband (who was sitting right next to her on the couch) answered, “Yeah, of course!”

    Even though the ‘Good Girl’ hitmaker might not be ready to have kids right away, she made it clear that she’s excited to see her hubby take on the role of a father.

    “He’s gonna be the best Dad ever, and that makes the whole parent situation seem much, much better,” Underwood said of her husband.

    It sounds like a baby bump is definitely in Underwood’s future, but right now she has a lot of work lined up. With her latest album, ‘Blown Away,’ holding the top spot on Billboard’s Top Country and All-Genre 200 charts, the soulful songstress has had plenty of interviews and appearances lined up, including interviews on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ a cover story for ‘Glamour‘ magazine and a performance on ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ among other things. Plus, she’ll be scattered all over the country while she tours this summer.

    Watch the short teaser of the happy couple’s interview below, and don’t forget to tune in to OWN on Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET.

    Carrie Underwood + Mike Fisher Have Differing Opinions on When to Have a Baby

    Source: Taste of Country
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    Oh, that's awkward!

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    They will be great parents. I look forward to the day we read about Carrie and Mike having children. I have 3 children, they are all wonderful. If I had it to do all over again, I'd have more children.
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    very awkward indeed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kewlie78189 View Post
    very awkward indeed!
    I actually didn't think it was awkward at all. Couples are allowed to not be in complete agreement at all times. Their "differing" opinions really only depend on how you define "soon." My guess would be if you define soon as within the next year their answer is no if you define it as within the next couple of years their answer is probably yes. Mike's the only other person in the universe who has any right to an opinion on the subject I'm sure they'll work it out.


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