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Thread: Carrie Underwood Talks No. 1 Album, Marital Bliss

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    Carrie Underwood Talks No. 1 Album, Marital Bliss

    Today's Billboard chart-topper Carrie Underwood has admitted she gets "heated" during her husband's hockey games.

    The 29-year-old "Good Girl" singer wed Mike Fisher of the NHL in July 2010. As the couple approaches their second wedding anniversary this summer, Underwood opened up about supporting her husband during his sometimes intense hockey games.

    Of yelling and cheering, the singer said, "Oh I sure, do- of course I do, I get into it," reported The Canadian Press.

    Fisher now plays hockey for the Nashville Predators.

    "When somebody trips Mike or does something dirty, I'm like, 'Are you KIDDING me?' Yeah, I get pretty heated," added the "American Idol" alum.

    Underwood's latest album "Blown Away" has maintained a number-one status since its release two weeks ago. It is her first number-one album, of three, to stay at the top more than seven days. Additionally, Underwood's latest work has earned the singer mixed reviews. Some critics say she did not take enough risks and display her personality on tracks.

    "I'm an Okie girl," explained Underwood of her upbringing in Checotah, Oklahoma. "I know I've got some high heels and makeup on now, but I'm southern. I'm a strong female. There's nothing wrong with that."

    She co-wrote eight of the 14 tracks on "Blown Away," and said she has grown as a performer, especially since her "American Idol" days.

    "It wouldn't be a Carrie Underwood album without some sort of- not revenge song, but some attitude," the 5-time Grammy Award winner explained of "Blown Away." "I don't know if there's a whole lot of people, women, in country music that can successfully pull that off. And I feel like I can."

    While Underwood contributed her own songs to the album, tracks also include other writer's work.

    "It's awesome if [I help] write a great song," explained the singer. "I'm not stupid though. I want the best songs on there, and just because I didn't write it doesn't mean I can't make it believable And I'm not trying to get my name on songs that I didn't write."

    Underwood adamantly noted that she would "never, never, never, in a million years" claim that someone else's work was her own.

    "I've hear writers telling horror stories about other artists putting their name on there when they didn't do anything," she told The Canadian Press.

    Underwood lives with her husband in Nashville, Tenn. She launches her world tour for "Blown Away" in September.

    Carrie Underwood Talks No. 1 Album, Marital Bliss

    Source: Christian Post
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    Whohoo, more Carrie appearances (unless it's an old picture, lol). It says under the picture on the left.

    Award-winning Country artist Carrie Underwood will kick off The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Christmas campaign at the Dallas Cowboys' halftime show Thursday.
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    ^^ OHH I hope that's new!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by opry051008 View Post
    Whohoo, more Carrie appearances (unless it's an old picture, lol). It says under the picture on the left.
    I think that might be old.

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    That is really old - it actually refers to the Thanksgiving halftime show performance that resulted in her meeting Tony Romo.


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